Why You’re FAT & I’m Not | “Weight loss is a Privilege” #FatTok Weight Loss

Why You’re FAT & I’m Not | “Weight loss is a Privilege” #FatTok #weightloss Weight Loss

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Why You’re fat and i’m not

I was scrolling through tiktok and being bombarded by women on tiktok who say losing weight is a privilege and they just can’t lose weight. In 2022 it seems that the pendulum has swung and being obese or in these women’s words FAT , overeating and being a complete slob is looked at as some sort of accomplishment and people who lose weight are toxic. So I wanted to show one of my days and how I eat/ plan out my day as to why you’re fat and im not. #Fattok

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20 thoughts on “Why You’re FAT & I’m Not | “Weight loss is a Privilege” #FatTok Weight Loss”

  1. I was able to lose weight without measuring exact calories or weighing food but that is because I didn’t have a food addiction, just a few bad habits that I was able to replace with healthier habits. But what worked for me won’t be right for everyone and that’s ok!!

  2. I usually don’t agree with them but in my experience, it was way easier for me to lose weight when i finished school and started earning more money. As a student it made more sense for me to eat a .56 ramen noodle than a $5 salad. Unhealthy food is usually less expensive than healthy food. At least where I am from.

  3. A privilege?????REALLY???? For some of us who have some illnesses that could only get worse, if the weight goes up, it is something we have to do. And guess what assholes?????Things are better in the longterm.

    By the way….there are some genetic/thyroid issues that may prevent some weight loss…but to throw out that weight loss cannot happen due to DNA, is bullshit. Oh yess…there is research going on now, that is showing there may very well be a path, to defeat the ATGC excuse.

  4. I started a food journal thanks to you, and it’s working!!! Thank you for all you do! Much love to you!

  5. I measure food and portion food because I too can go wild and overeat. Knowing my own habits and being accountable for myself is important. And yeah when You snack on “oh it’s just a walnut” here and there but when it’s been here and there many many times throughout the day, then I know I’m not being honest with myself. I enjoy your offensive thoughts Michelle

  6. Bruh, I don’t get the argument of privileged people make of obese people being unhealthy for financial conditions. Is really nonsensical: why are you acting like is not a luxury to eat junk food in ridiculous amounts, what world do you live in??? Also you have internet and the luxury of time to complain online instead of exercising, and cooking something simple and cheap to not ruin your body and spend money on expensive fast food.

    I live on a minimum wage and I don’t need gym (or have time/money to it) I run all day at my job, and I get home and cook a meal. By morning I have a small breakfast, and that’s it, no time and much less money for junk food that is super expensive and not worth it.

  7. 2:11 Basically the only good noise that came out of the face of anyone from the daily wire. (My dad pretty much only plays their bullshit in the car)

  8. Some people legit don’t have time for all that but fast food can be just as time consuming and expensive. Bread and peanut butter helped sm these past few weeks

  9. Husband: Did you order donuts?
    Me: Yeah. Made by that fitness cosplayer I watch. She wanted something with protein that didn’t taste bad and I figured I could support her and maybe you would like them over your protein bars.
    Husband: No! I can’t have something that tastes good I will just eat it all.

    More for me, I guess! They were very good by the way <3

  10. Look, I don’t care if you’re fat: as long as YOU are okay with it. But if you COMPLAIN about it all the time… (YES. I AM ONE OF THESE PEOPLE) you will bug the crap out of me.

  11. I just grab some stir fry bags from Aldi and cook those. Some ramen and veggies go a long way too. Sometimes, I’ll get frozen peppers from the dollar tree.

  12. I’m a little sick of this ish. No, nobody owes me anything, if one is obese. I do feel bad. But. I do work out. I do watch what I eat. I don’t eat fast food. I try to stay away from processed food as much as possible. I don’t touch soda. Know what comes with my lifestyle choices? Less doctors visits. (Other than covid) No meds. (Other than supplements…thanks covid) You know how an obese person’s choices affect me? Cost of medical care. The fact that the population is majority obese now, the cost of Healthcare is pushed onto all of us, including myself. Even though I barely see a doctor, when I do, the out of pocket cost, even with medical insurance is extremely high. This isn’t fair to me. Why should I pay so much for medical care (when I need it) not sue to my choices, but due to (breaking an ankle due to carelessness) or a pandemic–covid–hospitalized for 8 days and liver, lungs, and GI organs were all attacked.

    So when I get sick through no fault of my own, and obese people are consistently at the docs ( I know a few personally–and they are at the docs a LOT) their choices affect me. That’s not fair. I should pay less for medical care. Due to my choices. Why the h*ll not?

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