Why so many people are turning to a diabetes drug for weight loss | ABCNL Weight Loss

Why so many people are turning to a diabetes drug for weight loss | ABCNL #weightloss Weight Loss

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ABC News’ Stephanie Ramos reports on the sudden demand for a class of drugs approved for Type 2 diabetics but often used off-label to dramatically lose weight.

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20 thoughts on “Why so many people are turning to a diabetes drug for weight loss | ABCNL Weight Loss”

  1. more people needs to stop taking cheating themselves and using supplements or hacks to lose weight actually work out and eat properly cause that’d work long term just look at Michael J White

  2. Ive been on this for 4 months and let me tell you what it did to me. First of all, lost 12lbs and lowered my A1c from 7.5 to 6.1 in that 4 months. What it does to me and not sure if everyone else has this, it makes you feel full and have some abdominal discomfort in the form of what I call heart burn or acid reflux. So I have to somewhat pick what I know isnt going to make my stomach even more upset. So I only eat maybe 2 small meals a day vs the 3 larger ones I used to consume. So thats what it does to me, not sure if anyone else has had the same symptoms.
    Another thing, I say it should be used to treat alcoholics as well. With they way your stomach feels on this drug, makes alcohol less appealing.

  3. This is F up I have type 2 diabetes and pancreatitis and need the meds but all you lazy people don’t want to put in the work and exercise

  4. Type 2 diabetes isn’t curable, but it is reversible/manageable with a very low carbohydrate diet that you must follow for the rest of your life. This takes commitment and fierce dedication and difficult choices…such as do you want toes and feet or do you prefer eating whatever you like and hoping that drugs will be enough to keep you from kidney failure, strokes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, blindness, neuropathy, etc. because the medication doesn’t fix the problem – it’s more like sticking your finger in a dyke to prevent a massive flood.

  5. I bet those people lost weight because they burned out their pancreas and their body now no longer able to make insulin that’s why they are losing weight.

  6. Democrats in all states have been suing pharmaceutical companies because of real fentanyl that is a great drug for operations, car accidents victims, for pain , real fentanyl will not kill you if you only use it for real pain , how come democrats do nothing about the CHINA 🇨🇳 poison fentanyl flooding across the wide open border,200,000 Americans murdered by Mexican drug gangs and the democrats do not sue the Mexican cartels to tell Biden to close the border for real not just saying it , impeach Biden on human trafficking charges

  7. You can only lose weight and keep the weight off as long as you can AFFORD IT. The FDA did not do long term research with this wed when it comes to weight lose and it’s side effects

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