WHAT I EAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS | healthy meal ideas, mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting Weight Loss

WHAT I EAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS | healthy meal ideas, mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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— kale
— banana
— mango
— 1 pitted date
— cashews
— sunwink detox greens
— rae collagen
— chia seeds
— stevia liquid sweetener
— liquid of choice

— bread
— apple & gouda chicken sausage
— 1 fried egg
— 1 slice cheese
— cream cheese
— arugula
— everything but the bagel seasoning

— salmon
— arugula
— quinoa, brown rice, flaxseed blend
— cucumber
— shredded carrots
— 1/2 avocado
— olive oil
— salt & pepper
— garlic powder
— paprika
— sweet chili sauce
*air fry 350 degrees for 15 minutes
— 1 tbsp mayo
— 1/2 tbsp sriracha
— 1 tsp honey
— salty & pepper

— olive oil
— salt & pepper
— garlic powder
— onion powder
— paprika
— basil
— oregano
— knorr chicken bouillon
*bake 420 degrees for 25 minutes (veggies), 40 minutes (chicken) or until brown

1:48-2:28 — pre-workout drinks
2:29-9:09 — post workout (wellness shot, vitamins, green smoothie)
9:10-13:21— breakfast and coffee
13:22-22:29 — chatting about my weight loss journey
22:30-25:31 — lunch
25:32-26:06 — snack
26:07-28:13 — dinner & dessert

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WHAT I EAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS | healthy meal ideas, mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting
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15 thoughts on “WHAT I EAT FOR WEIGHT LOSS | healthy meal ideas, mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting Weight Loss”

  1. Another tip that helped me with that is I’d eat a smaller lunch and save most of the calories for evening/night time that way you have a heavy meal in the evening and will crave less! Then you’ll stay fuller longer into the morning

  2. You might already know this but fun fact, breakfast literally means “break fast” like break the fast! So technically yes still breakfast ☺️

  3. You look amazing. Love love love all your vlogs. You have really helped me out in what I eat in a day videos. You look great in every try on haul vlogs. Keep glowing Girlie!!!!!❤

  4. I’ve heard that erythritol has side effects causing blood clots and I know the organic protein has it as an ingredient. I have stayed away from protein powders basically for that purpose which is sad. Just read up on anything with monk fruit or erythritol . I was doing intermittent fasting until I read up that it isn’t really healthy due to brain fog I don’t know I guess it’s best I don’t read anymore now days everything is bad for you Ugh!!!!!

  5. You look so pretty with or without makeup! I’m glad you are eating healthy you seem to be loosing weight so keep it up!

  6. Diet is a good word!! Diet just means what you eat. Has nothing to do with losing weight. Good luck on your journey!!!!

  7. Smoothie looks good but just an FYI frozen fruit get picked and packaged when they’re in their peak ripeness. So you can get frozen mango and they’ll still be sweet😊

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