Wellness Advocate Says 99.9% of Weight Loss is FATPHOBIC? Weight Loss

Wellness Advocate Says 99.9% of Weight Loss is FATPHOBIC? #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Wellness Advocate Says 99.9% of Weight Loss is FATPHOBIC?
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20 thoughts on “Wellness Advocate Says 99.9% of Weight Loss is FATPHOBIC? Weight Loss”

  1. I’m a walk around welterweight in boxing 147. I’m dieting to gain weight. I have natural fast metabolism. I’m trynna get into a bigger weight class and gain healthy weight. Bruh it’s hard lmao no matter hiw hard I try but I see the gradual weight gain so I’m NHood

  2. I’m in a christian angel marriage with my little pony characters because of all this political abuse over immigrants. That’s why I’m in some Mayan type Christianity.

  3. Was she listening to herself because the things she labeled as not fatphobic if someone loses weight are not good, not healthy. But if someone loses weight because they start to make better food choices and exercise that’s a problem.

  4. Bro, I agree with being against people trying to push any kind of exercise as “fatphobic” but the whole “don’t sit next to me in an airplane” is in poor taste and makes you sound like all these right wing conservative red pill types, and I know you’re not.

    Rare L on your part imo. There was a way to discuss this without bringing that up in the way you did.

  5. So weightlifting is a type of fat transformation. Fat turns to muscle over time when working out correctly. Muscle out weighs fat. I personally think that girl needs to go back to school. Regardless she is clueless… it seems like everywhere there is someone get upset over how they are being treated. Honestly, has she stepped back and really thought this through? Or did she go to school at all for this?

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