weight loss vlog // how i lost ~5lbs in a month Weight Loss

weight loss vlog // how i lost ~5lbs in a month #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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this is insane to be saying after YEARS of starting/stopping my 10lb weight loss journeys. I have failed so many times & instead of remaining stagnant, I just gained more. but a lot of it was happy relationship weight. falling in love was intoxicating and I dont regret a single pound gained because I was filled with so much joy. but 2023 is a new year, I really wasnt feeling healthy at the end of the year, and I want to feel stronger and healthier.

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  1. omg I just love how your videos are a combination of vlogs / and talking to us. but girl – sometimes I forgot you’re only just above 5 feet tall hahaha. bc when you said 135kg was your biggest… that was my weight when I was the most fit/skinny😮‍💨 (as an adult) before I had my baby. had to remind myself of our 5 inch height difference. youre doing amazing girl! so happy to see you doing a healthy sustainable approach to all elements of your life. we all love to see it💜

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