Weight Loss Tips for The New Year #shortsfeed Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tips for The New Year #shortsfeed #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Check out this short clip of my latest YouTube video, “The Best Fasting Tips to Succeed at Your New Year’s Weight Loss Goals”

3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips for The New Year #shortsfeed Weight Loss”

  1. I’m ot looking to lose more weight, just to get better health. The winter months here in the UK have seen a return to poorer energy withy chronic fatigue syndrome.
    I am struggling with constipation since starting keto last may. I have tried vit b1, enzymes, now on bile salts and stopped taking binders….still struggling with it. Next, magnesium is coming. Then if not, I need to try carnivore ….do you have any guidelines for that please? @drmindypelz

  2. I did purchase your book after watching your conversation with Steak & Butter Gal, but I am disappointed that it isn’t for me as I’m a 73 year old carnivore 😢. Wishing you a happy healthy 2023❣️

  3. My book is still on its way… I think I will wait for it to come home. And wait till my 16th day of cycle & do the water fast then. I need my instructions on paper.

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