Weight loss stalls, fruit on carnivore, long term ketosis, organs + more with @bart-kay #carnivore Weight Loss

Weight loss stalls, fruit on carnivore, long term ketosis, organs + more with @bart-kay #carnivore #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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5 thoughts on “Weight loss stalls, fruit on carnivore, long term ketosis, organs + more with @bart-kay #carnivore Weight Loss”

  1. I actually under eat. I try really hard and I only track on carb manager because of that. I eat beef, butter, bacon, and eggs mostly and hardly anything else because that’s what I want. A year ago I was a 16 and now I’m in a 12 but my weight is not budging. I don’t weigh myself, so I don’t really know where I started, but I know that when I weighed myself sometime after I started, I was about 186. Now I’m 174 so basically 12 pounds in a year? Yet I’ve gone down three sizes. That’s what carnivore does it change your body composition. I would like to see the scale go down, but I stay off of it because I don’t care. I’m losing weight because my clothes are getting smaller. I think all in all I’m about 2/3 on my protein and fat. I’m never 100%. I don’t eat cheese I use a little bit of cream in my coffee and have bacon and sausage eggs stuff like that with my mom every single morning because she has dementia and I take care of her, but I’m always eating steak and hamburgers. I do exercise every day I have since November 2022.

  2. “ass-hat” is my favorite too~ I tend to use it a lot….because there ARE a lot😂

    *BK’s just the best, always great to hear from someone who truly does have correct information. We’ve got to be careful, far too many out here cliff hustling, as I call it- since it’s only a matter of time, right- & sadly many will follow them straight over🤸‍🙃
    It’s important to search a matter out, become your own cross-checker/ fact finder & make sure you can back up what your favorite channels are saying. Health & well-being is a big deal~ none of would even be here looking at this stuff if our health weren’t super important to us. Which means we need to take charge of it, be responsible for what we take in AND what we pass on.
    Thanks so much Courtney & Devan~ another solid conversation✨✨

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