Weight Loss Restriction Weight Loss

Weight Loss Restriction #weightloss Weight Loss

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Best weight loss restriction?

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4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Restriction Weight Loss”

  1. Not mad here…but I don’t feel for myself like I’m really restricting, although in reality I have in one sense…, eating what I want, but more in moderation.

  2. rather than making people mad, i just think that mentioning caloric restrictions can be triggering for many people. especially if you’re like me, a recovered anorexic. rather than claiming that meaningful advice for weight loss will “make some people mad”, why not approach the topic with empathy ? like state, if caloric restrictions are triggering for you, here are other great ideas to incorporate in your diet to aid in weight loss

  3. Meat, eggs, fat and water. The weight will fall off and stay off. Diabetes will be put into remission. Carbohydrates are for pleasure. Protein is for FUEL!

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