Weekly Low carb grocery haul for weight loss | Walmart Weight Loss

Weekly Low carb grocery haul for weight loss | Walmart #weightloss Weight Loss

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More info below: Are you looking for some quick low carb snacks to ward off any “snacksidents?” Yeah me too! I dont get cravings to often but when I do I need something. In todays Walmart grocery haul I will show you what I am picking up for the week and also some convenience snacks that can work on a low carb or keto lifestyle.

I eat low carb living a low carb lifestyle! I used to do Weight Watchers for over 5 years however I switched over to low carb as I find it a more managable way of eating for the rest of my life. As a result of this change Ive continued to lose weight and lower my blood sugar after learning I was pre diabetic. My fat numbers are not too high and not at a keto level although some meals could be considered keto meals. Here is my low carb eating plan that I track through carb manager.
Max of 30 carbs per meals
Max of 15 carbs per snack
I do NOT count anything else
I find all the other macros fall into place if I hit at or below my low carb numbers.

My favorite peanut butter!
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20 thoughts on “Weekly Low carb grocery haul for weight loss | Walmart Weight Loss”

  1. I am mostly doing low carb, the cauliflower rice is a game changer! So delicious, I don’t miss the rice! The cauliflower mashed potatoes are good too.

  2. On the baking chips, weigh out your serving–looks like the Lily’s is 14gm and the Bake Believe is 15gm so not really that much difference–just do 14gm of the Bake Believe 😊

  3. Have you tried the Lily’s peanut butter cups? The ones in the bag have 2 pieces as a serving and might be a tiny bit smaller than the Equate. Was wondering since you love the Lily’s chips so much. Oh, and there’s some keto sloppy joe type recipes on the internet. Also, the Bake Believe chips should be totally fine. There’s 1 more gram of carb it’s true BUT by weight you get an extra gram in the serving vs. the Lily’s (16 grams for Bake Believe vs 15 grams for Lily’s).

  4. Love your videos! Did you know on your labels you’re supposed to subtract your fiber from the carbs to get your net carbs? 😊 I call that a bonus!!!

  5. I like the Green Giant riced cauliflower risotto blend (it has bits of mushrooms and asparagus in it) but have had a hard time finding it lately. I just recently became a fan of Tattooed Chef Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry that I got at Costco. It has clean ingredients, a bit of sesame oil (and maybe some other seasonings). I imagine it is low carb and VERY tasty!

  6. Wonderful grocery haul– since coffee is my favorite drink- I am going to look for that zero sugar creamer to have in an iced coffee or regular as an after noon treat- thanks for the idea

  7. Love these videos. So glad I found you. Quick question will you be back in Florida for the fall. Will be house hunting in the lauderdale area. Possibly boca or Naples.

  8. Nice Low Carb Grocery Haul! I also would like to know how the Manwich does on your CGM since it has High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) in it?

  9. You might find the Manwich to be inflammatory too because it contains high fructose corn syrup. I personally won’t buy anything with that ingredient.

  10. Hi Barrett, Thanks, regarding taco shells if you want crunchy, La Tiara White Corn Hard Taco Shells are 20 carbs for 5 shells. So very doable if you eat 3? (with tons of salad makings and salsa) 💖

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