Truth Behind Ozempic Weight Loss Trend ft. My Wife Weight Loss

Truth Behind Ozempic Weight Loss Trend ft. My Wife #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Let’s talk about Ozempic weight loss trend and what Ozempic face is. What are the side effects and how is the Ozempic weight loss trend affecting patients that need Ozempic?

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20 thoughts on “Truth Behind Ozempic Weight Loss Trend ft. My Wife Weight Loss”

  1. Your wife is beautiful, and you make a great couple. I would love to see more of you and your wife together in videos. Thank you both 💓

  2. okay sorry, Im not a doctor but isnt insulin also involved with protein synthesis and muscle growth? I know people know insulin as it relates to diabetes, but I also know guys who are on HGH and steroid cycling also tend to take insulin.

    Wont this Ozempic thing then also affect or reduce muscle growth?

  3. Omg, you and your wife are so cute! ☺️ You’re such a lovely couple. We’d love to see her on your videos more often! 🙏

  4. Liz has ethics. Don’t take medicine from people who depend on it! To the alleged users: Mindy Kaling and Kardashians- use those trainers and nutritionists you pay thousands to per month since you’re not invalids or seniors instead of hogging these people’s medicine.

  5. What’s weird is I watched a documentary a few years back about young girls abusing their diabetes medicine for weight loss and it had a medical term, diabulimia.

  6. We need more videos with Dr Grand! She really has a talent for explaining simply. Was she reluctant to come on your previous videos?

  7. Yes, let’s see more Dr Liz! I’m a, shall we say, mature person who enjoys watching old TV shows. One is inundated with ads for medications, which are then, oddly, followed by ads suggesting one file a lawsuit against these medications! As soon as I saw that Ozempic was associated with possible weight loss, I could hear the cash being flung into the drug manufacturer’s coffers! Just an FYI, the ads for this drug are awful! The good thing about the ad is they do say what condition the drug is to be used for. A lot of drug ads just say “Ask your doctor if you need (insert name here.)”! Seriously? I’m supposed to jot down each medication that has an ad like this, make a doctors appointment, bring this list, and see what should be prescribed? Good grief!

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