TikToker Discusses Her Terrible Journey with Ozempic Weight Loss Treatment Weight Loss

TikToker Discusses Her Terrible Journey with Ozempic Weight Loss Treatment #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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TikTok influencer Remi Bader went on a podcast to discuss her terrible experience with the Ozempic weight loss treatment. What people often forget is that there is no short cut. If you start injecting yourself with a treatment, you’re stuck doing that for the rest of your life.

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20 thoughts on “TikToker Discusses Her Terrible Journey with Ozempic Weight Loss Treatment Weight Loss”

  1. If you want to lose weight there is no easy way. Eat healthy and workout with purpose. It takes discipline that most people don’t have.

  2. I think you’ve got to identify the reason for your unhealthy food relationship before you’ll ever manage it. Coming from a chronic struggler

  3. There is a fear that quitting after long term use could result in lipocite hypertrophy, in which the individual fat cells no longer know when to stop expanding. This would trigger a cascade of uncontrollable eating, which agrivates the hypertrophy, which causes a hypertrophic-overeating feedback loop. There is no up-side to this stuff.

  4. Ozempic is a once-a-week injection not every day as you stated. Saxenda is every day. I totally agree that these injections are bad for your health. I did Both Ozempic and Saxenda and the side effects were not good. I did lose the weight but i struggle to keep off after stopping the injections. Eating is a mental mind game and I learnt to deal with my mental side and i can tell you it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself! People need to invest in their mental mindset as this is the key, once you have learnt to understand and deal with your mind, your weight loss starts to fall off in a healthy manner. Good Luck to those that struggle at the moment, but i promise, if I can do it, so can you!

  5. My 82 yo mom takes it for diabetes. We had a hard time finding it because of this weight loss trend with Ozempic. Doctors should be ashamed of themselves for prescribing Ozempic for weight loss.

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