“TIKTOK WON’T STOP SHOWING WEIGHT LOSS VIDEOS!” (Chub Meltdown) #weightloss Weight Loss

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20 thoughts on ““TIKTOK WON’T STOP SHOWING WEIGHT LOSS VIDEOS!” (Chub Meltdown) Weight Loss”

  1. I’m not sure what this person means by “more than our bodies.” I say that because the body is the entire physical person and comes from the physical DNA instructions that built it. The body and the person, the identity are interconnected because the psychology also stems from the biology, from non-conscious or unconscious aspects that are part of the DNA. Now, there is a circuit in the biopsychosocial model, but the foundation of what and who you are comes from biology.

  2. Being born intersex is a genetic defect. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong or bad about the person, it’s just like if someone is born with any other genetic defect. There’s nothing bad or wrong with someone with down syndrome, missing limbs, conjoined twins, etc. Those defects or variation don’t make the so-called binary false.

  3. Anyone else feeling like the normal people in our society are about to snap like a rubber band and it’s about to get ugly?

  4. Can the LBGT group stop trying to invalidate and change heterosexuality?

    They fought for decades to be seen as natural… and here they are- trying to force heterosexual people to change…

    What is it with these minority groups treating the majority the same way the majority used to treat minorities back in the day?

    Women against men
    Guys against heterosexuals
    Blacks against whites…

  5. Lau Zim G aaim don’t know if I spelled that right Yiddish let them do their thing remember the scene with the Native Americans in Blazing Saddles haha mashuga nuts

  6. These people throwing the phobic this and that around seem really shallow. A gender is more than physical appearance, and male and female brains are just wired differently. Not one being better than the other. Just different, and to a mature person, that difference can be attractive in its own way. That isn’t something any amount of money can buy.

  7. Anyone else tired of the Gen Z idiots with no life experience telling those of us who have life experience how the world works?

  8. China new exactly how to take America down make tik tok and let a bunch of weird woke leftist spread there vile information i don’t care if you are gay or straight stop pushing it on children you pedophiles

  9. So many newly created words just to convince us of this b.s. Wow! They’re really interested in having us validate their communal delusion. Wow.

  10. JT, I don’t understand this obsession these freaks and lunatics have with vomiting out sexuality over and over and over again. They are completely boring, creepy and obviously have no other life. Very frightening to see.

  11. I like the strawberry eater😂!
    Trying to sell me on this bull spit to convince me I gotta be attracted to people I’m not attracted to…. I’m dying 😂😂😂😂!
    I rarely use emoji’s, but perfect for how I’m laughing!

  12. If you are fat quit eating crap and fast! 1500 to 1800 calories based on height and desired weight! It will come off quit making excuses for poor discipline!

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