This Low Calorie High Volume Meal Prep can be Great for Weight Loss | Asian Ground Turkey Bowls Weight Loss

This Low Calorie High Volume Meal Prep can be Great for Weight Loss | Asian Ground Turkey Bowls #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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These Asian Flavored Ground Turkey Bowls have 4 different vegetables to help boost the volume while keeping calories low, making it a good choice for when you are trying to sustain an calorie deficit. The recipe can be found here:

Nutritional Estimates from MacroFactor.

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19 thoughts on “This Low Calorie High Volume Meal Prep can be Great for Weight Loss | Asian Ground Turkey Bowls Weight Loss”

  1. washing mushrooms? cleaning mushrooms? just eat the little bits of dirt, it’s good 😉
    (no seriously i don’t do either, it doesn’t matter)

  2. This is awesome! I actually got inspiration to make a similar recipe after I watched one of your other turkey bowl videos and used soy sauce, low sodium chicken stock and ginger for the sauce and all kinds of peppers. So good!! 🤤

  3. Mushrooms are like sponges, so when you rinse them (I used to) it takes a MUCH longer to boil out all the water they absorbed and it changes the flavor due to over cooking & mostly the texture, so now I just wipe them with a damp paper towel, trusting the heat will sterilize any “dirt bugs” and I have to say my ‘shrooms are much firmer and flavorful than water logged sponges. It’s probably true across the board, but I am primarily use brown shrooms – baby bella, portabella, and crimini’s.

    Stole this from a website: “What’s the difference between portabello, crimini and baby bella mushrooms”

    Botanically, there is not a difference between portabello and crimini mushrooms‚ and baby bella is just another name for criminis. But in the marketplace, you’ll see a difference. Mushrooms sold as portabellos are larger, and the gills are exposed and dark, because the mushroom is allowed to ripen after being picked. Criminis are smaller, and their gills are covered with a “veil” of mushroom skin. In fact, if the gills are not covered, the crimini is not as fresh as it should be.

    Both criminis and portabellos are more intensely flavored than their more widely used cousin, the white button mushroom.

  4. Awesome looks great too. Gonna switch up my lunch next week with this one. I have just started my prep for this work week. Lol.
    Getting ready to start a 60 day body transformation or weight loss challenge at work. Last year did ok. This year will be a lot tougher. Eggs man eggs. They were a staple last year. This year would break bank. Lol.

  5. Your recipes helped me lose so much weight. The meals aren’t the best in that I would serve it for friends, but when I just want to get a healthy meal to binge netflix with yours are the videos I turn to. Tasty, easy, healthy.

  6. Hey Joshy Knifeskills, what do you think about a video showing your slicing and dicing methods? I know that you gloss over them in your videos, but I think something more in depth could help us novices. Could also work well as a Zwilling sponsored video.

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