THIRSTY! Kyle Richards SHADES Post About ‘Ozempic Face’ After Sharing Weight Loss Secret! Weight Loss

THIRSTY! Kyle Richards SHADES Post About ‘Ozempic Face’ After Sharing Weight Loss Secret! #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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8 thoughts on “THIRSTY! Kyle Richards SHADES Post About ‘Ozempic Face’ After Sharing Weight Loss Secret! Weight Loss”

  1. I totally thought that when I saw the pic. Yes kids, drugs that suppress your appetite def gives a “gaunt” look. You can spot it a mile away.

  2. Kyle and Erika are definitely taking Ozempic because Erika lost it least 40 lbs. in less than than 2 month’s !! Ozempic’s side effects are horrible because it makes you lose your appetite completely and the nausea is so bad you can eat !! I personally don’t know how they can handle the side effects because you want to throw up constantly and I know this because my brother inlaw said the side effects were so bad he couldn’t function !! It’s sad that these people are taking it when the people can’t get it because it’s not available/ out of stock because people like Kyle get it prescribed to them when they don’t need it because they are not diabetic !! 🤬

  3. She absolutely takes the shots. Also, it’s evident she’s had a tummy tuck with sculpting. The man made belly button is the give away. Her surgeries are out of control. Relax Kyle

  4. If Kyle keeps on lying she will need another nose job!!!! Maybe she has to do all this to keep Mauricio from wandering off with Dorit and nasty Rinna!!! She is really being a role model for all of her girls!!

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