The TRUTH about Yoga for Weight Loss Weight Loss

The TRUTH about Yoga for Weight Loss #weightloss Weight Loss

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‘Yoga for Weight Loss’ classes are some of the most popular classes on the internet, but are they actually truthful? Can you actually lose weight with yoga? In this video I break this down so that you can be fully informed of the facts, and make informed decisions about how yoga might play a part in a weight loss journey.

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20 thoughts on “The TRUTH about Yoga for Weight Loss Weight Loss”

  1. I’ve just found your channel while looking to improve my flexibility for 10 meter target shooting…….. Yes, have to bend into funny shapes to hold a rifle steady (pure target, no bunny bashing)
    This is a brilliant explanation, I’ve always said a calorie is a calorie……. apart from sweetcorn 😂😂…. getting fed up with the total b🕳️ll🕳️x……. Drink this tea and you will lose weight, eat a jar of coconut fat and you will lose weight, take this pill and….. you know what I mean.
    Anyway great channel, thank you 😊

  2. Good and diplomatic explanation. Practicing yoga or other sports always has to find its value and motivation in the sport itself to maintain long-term success. Weight loss can never be a main goal, only a byproduct. Otherwise the failure is pre-programmed.

  3. This is perhaps the very best yoga (exercise) video I have watched in ages. It’s so practical and full of common sense. It addresses thinking and mindset, not just how to do a routine. I just loved what you shared here and am encouraged! Your teaching style is excellent! Well done!

  4. I’m happy you made this video as I’ve had a bunch of clients ask me if they’ll lose fat with yoga; I always say it depends on various factors but now I can show them this too, thank you!

  5. Hmmm. I never thought of yoga for weight loss. It’s about being good to your self above all and thus being better for the world and those around you 🤍

  6. Love this clear and honest approach.

    “xyz for weight loss” is a fairly horrible piece of clickbait that seems to prey upon people’s desire for change and covers every sport and exercise out there. There is rarely the simple, honest, truth that it’s diet that rules. It took me a long time to, in small steps, adjust my diet to the point that I’m actually in control and that healthy choices are not a struggle.

    I run a lot these days, strength train and do yoga – 8+ hours a week and that still doesn’t really allow me to eat everything I want all the time!

  7. We’ll said! Everyone’s journey is different for different reasons. I always look forward to your informative videos, so much valuable information.

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