The Office – 5×2 Weight Loss Part 2 – Group Reaction Weight Loss

The Office – 5×2 Weight Loss Part 2 – Group Reaction #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Ryan returns while the office continues their weight loss competition as The Normies react to Season 5 Episode 2 of The Office, “Weight Loss Part 2.” Be sure to stick around after the reaction for our discussion.

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19 thoughts on “The Office – 5×2 Weight Loss Part 2 – Group Reaction Weight Loss”

  1. It’s definitely the best proposal I’ve ever seen because when you truly love someone and want to marry them, you shouldn’t care where it happens.

  2. Eh is this Mickeys cousin, u look weird, are u unwell..I mean no offense but put it back please its uncomfortable to look at..

  3. The proposal scene was the most expensive shot in the entire run of the show. In an empty parking lot in California, the crew built a replica of a rest stop on the Merritt Parkway with a 4 lane race track was built around it. 35 professional drivers and semi-trucks looped around it at 55 mph. A rain machine was used for the rain, and CGI was used to digitally replace the California mountains in the background.

  4. rewatching this and seeing all the videos about how Jim and Pam are bad ppl is hilarious bc Jim really proposed bc he was scared of her moving on again

  5. Fun Fact: the gas station scene was the most expensive scene the show ever film… something about them filming durning live traffic and the surprises rain

  6. 13:23 this is honestly one of the best proposals in all of tv history! It’s not flashy, it’s not overthought, it’s just a small and intimate moment.

  7. 1 week ago i started the Office and it’s so much fun

    I’m on season 5 episode 10 and i watched all your reactions to the previous episodes and waiting for y’all to drop 1 episode per week sucks 😢

  8. you know the show treats Ryan as the bad guy in the Ryan/Kelly relationship but she is just as bad, maybe worst.

    She is basically the one who forced him into a relationship for starters
    When she sicked Stanley on him for just talking to the guy’s daughter
    lying about being pregnant
    lying about being raped possibly multiple times (not bad to ryan but bad over all)

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