The Go Gamble Featherweight WEIGHT LOSS COMPETITION–2023 Weight Loss

The Go Gamble Featherweight WEIGHT LOSS COMPETITION–2023 #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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20 thoughts on “The Go Gamble Featherweight WEIGHT LOSS COMPETITION–2023 Weight Loss”

  1. Tim you should’ve got in on this challenge. 🍀Luck to all 3 of them. Wishing them all success. Thanks for all the great vlogs over the years. I think I’ve watched them all.

  2. the 2 other guys combined weigh less than feather? is that possible? good success to you all. salad, chicken, exercise, water ftmfw

  3. Right on Trooper! Thanks for another Trooper Thursdays Degenerates Action Video. I use to weigh 377 pounds at 5feet 9 inches tall back in March of 2020 and have lost 228 pounds to date and now I weigh 149 pounds and having also losing 25 inches off my waistline from 56 inches to a lean muscular 31 inches waistline. I was motivated because my health was at stake. I wish all three men do the same. Keep up the great work dude. I wish you and Christina all the best.

  4. Jason’s feet and my feet are like apples and Watermelons?!,,,,,,,hee hee! No but seriously our feet look totally different in shape. I hope that Jason’s old ticker can handle this challenge. Tell him to drink a lot of 100% pure grape juice! Because it’s great for the heart even though it’s a little expensive.

  5. I had a bad losing streak too. (Like pretty much every night I go out and gamble). It’s been really bad lately. I pretty much only play penny slots until February. This month is done for me!

  6. Jason keto keto keto, keto for all of you it works if you guys don’t like that just try to cut out all sugar and corn syrup. good luck to all of you

  7. If for no other reason Jason has friends that care about his health. Loosing weight is tough but it can be done. Best of luck all!

  8. Jason has a massive advantage in this thing. The other guys can probably lose like 25% max of their body weight while Jason could lose almost 50% as he is over 200lbs over weight

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