The Best Cardio for Fat Loss: 40 Mins of Zone 2 vs HIIT? Weight Loss

The Best Cardio for Fat Loss: 40 Mins of Zone 2 vs HIIT? #weightloss Weight Loss

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Zone 2 Cardio vs HIIT

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro – Zone 2 Cardio vs HIIT
0:47 – HIIT vs Moderate Intensity
2:20 – HIIT has to be Done Properly (how to do it)
3:17 – HIIT vs Moderate Intensity for Visceral Fat Loss
5:01 – Use Code TDL15 for 15% off Bowmar Nutrition’s MELT Pre-Workout!
6:50 – HIIT will Benefit Aerobic Work
8:14 – HIIT vs Moderate Intensity for VO2 max (cardiovascular fitness)
9:47 – HIIT vs Moderate Intensity for Glucose Management
11:36 – What Should You Do for Cardio (injury risk)?

20 thoughts on “The Best Cardio for Fat Loss: 40 Mins of Zone 2 vs HIIT? Weight Loss”

  1. to Enjoy exercise is like a good diet finding a healthy one that let’s me further my health mentality and physically ,forwarding to a new year of learning ,thanks to everyone here for my new life after retirement .

  2. My big ? is how does age factor into this, geezers like me can’t handle oxidative stress like a 20 yr old, which should rule out anything in between true aerobic (long slow walks) and HIIT

  3. Thomas, TU for offering us a sensible formula! I’m 61 and now excited to focus on 40/60% HIIT/Z2. Makes cardio simpler to schedule & do AND max’s the benefit 🎉❤

  4. Intermittent Fasting took another hit. Check out the recent study where it didn’t slow the aging process or differ from regular diet. Very disappointed.

  5. Currently I just do super sets with resistance exercises, since I don’t like doing either HIIT or Zone two. But if I were going to incorporate one or the other, I’d probably use HIIT, because of the reduced time investment.

  6. Based upon longevity studies, people under 60 need to shoot for 8 -10 thousand steps per day (or perhaps the equivalent if not taking steps, e.g. biking or swimming). People over 60 need only 6-8 thousand steps. You can’t get that with HIIT alone. Maybe if you do HIIT plus a lot of walking on your HIIT and Non HIIT days, you can get that.

    “Among the three higher active groups who got more steps a day, there was a 40-53% lower risk of death, compared to the lowest quartile group who walked fewer steps, according to the meta-analysis.”

    “A meta-analysis of 15 studies involving nearly 50,000 people from four continents offers new insights into identifying the amount of daily walking steps that will optimally improve adults’ health and longevity — and whether the number of steps is different for people of different ages.”

    “More specifically, for adults 60 and older, the risk of premature death leveled off at about 6,000-8,000 steps per day, meaning that more steps than that provided no additional benefit for longevity. Adults younger than 60 saw the risk of premature death stabilize at about 8,000-10,000 steps per day.”

    University of Massachusetts Amherst. “Meta-analysis of 15 studies reports new findings on how many daily walking steps needed for longevity benefit: Spoiler alert: It’s fewer than 10,000, especially for older adults.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 3 March 2022.

  7. Same as with what all your workouts should be, keep mixing things up to avoid plateaus and get the most results by your body constantly having to change and improve to whatever chaos you throw it…

  8. As usual, “Includes PAID Promotion.” How can anyone believe your opinion when your paid to push the company that’s paying you?!

  9. I think what is one of the largest factors of which to use is their individual impact on the central nervous system. For those who are just doing moderate resistance training, or none at all, this isn’t much of a factor. But for those who are investing significantly in muscle growth while trying to decreasing stored fat, this is a very large factor. The central nervous system can only handle a certain amount of fatigue before performance and recovery is negatively impacted. And this is even more significant as we age. HIIT may be a good option to incorporate for those where muscle building isn’t a priority.

  10. Dear Thomas, with all due respect, that is a bogus breakdown of physiology. First of all there’s no such thing as aerobic vs anaerobic. Second, you cannot just jump straight into HIIT withouth building the foundation, ie aerobic efficiency (not talking about injury rate which is something that you neatly pointed out) or for that matter your beloved mitochondrial health. Third, what do you actually consider as Zone 2? An activity below blood lactate levels of 2 mM or something else? What do you account for HIIT? A VO2max repeats for example are a type of HIIT and they are not anaerobic primarily. VO2max is not solely a function of how much blood can your heart pump, but also arteriovenous difference and heart rate. Lastly, you cannot just simply state the percentages, like 60 % of HIIT vs 40 % of Zone 2. What is the qualifier? Duration? Volume? Frequency? Building the foundation, ie Zone 2 is the key

  11. Hey Thomas! Love your info and great videos. I’m treadmilling 40 minutes and sliding my HIIT % depending on pain and strength that day and maintaining level 2 minimum, so I am doing both. Some days when really feeling it I will do 30 minutes of HIIT so this video really was encouraging that I’m on the right path at 3x weekly. Age over 60 sometimes I get nagging pain but will go back to just 0% HIIT that day until I figure out why and how to fix or just recover. As soon as I have this regimen down I will work in resistance on other days. You really helped me get to where I am so thanks Man!

  12. Thom, I think that reducing adipose tissue has a very simple formula but, at the same time, it is extremely complicated due to homeostasis, no? 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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