Suzy’s 40 Pound Weight-loss Transformation – EPISODE 1 Weight Loss

Suzy’s 40 Pound Weight-loss Transformation – EPISODE 1 #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Suzy has been overweight and self conscious her whole life. In episode one, she finally takes the first step to getting healthy and regaining control. Watch Ilya take Suzy through her journey to prepare for a fight and continue on to reach her goals and complete the real fight she’s facing to lose weight.

Suzy’s episodic series will return with Episode 2 on July 24th!

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Directed by: Darryl Torres
Instagram: @dbankzfilms

Produced by: Ilya Fedorovich and
Isabela Lopez (@builtbybellls)

20 thoughts on “Suzy’s 40 Pound Weight-loss Transformation – EPISODE 1 Weight Loss”

  1. I mean Suzy was at a full disadvantage with that fight in the first place with the other fighter being taller and having a further reach… not a fair fight imo

  2. It’s like watching Creed but with Ilya as Sylvester & Suzy as Michael B Jordan. Congrats Suzy, we are all rooting for you.

  3. I hope Suzy is proud of herself it takes alot of guts to step into a boxing ring .Can not wait for the rest of the episodes to come out!!!

  4. here before it’s viral. the amount of discipline it requires to stay with something like working out is so respectable.

  5. Suzy! I have no idea who you are but ma’am I am 100% in your corner! You were so freaking strong. You stuck in there and didn’t give up despite things not going the way you wanted. You are awesome. Your perseverance was more important than the win.

  6. Ilya is such an amazing coach! He was there with here every step (or punch) of the way. Cool to see Suzy transform, but also see Ilya transform and grow as a coach and person along the way too. Absolutely crushing it.

  7. Seeing Suzy from David’s vlogs to this is absolutely beautiful. So freaking proud and such an inspiration! Suzy you are so amazing 🩷

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