Stop Wasting Money on Weight Loss Products Weight Loss

Stop Wasting Money on Weight Loss Products #weightloss Weight Loss

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Stop Buying Weight Loss Products Now!! ( Such a Waste Of Money)
I Have wasted so much money on weight loss products. Weight loss products have not helped me lose weight and keep it off. It was money thrown down the drain.

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20 thoughts on “Stop Wasting Money on Weight Loss Products Weight Loss”

  1. The only diet product I have used is slim fast it did satisfy me for four hours but I only drank one a day all I could afford but I did loose weight by doing this

  2. My doctor has said a lot of over the counter supplements wreck our kidneys and raise liver enzymes. I know my sister used to take a few supplements, not a lot, just 2-3 and was always getting kidney stones, kidney infections.. would have to go get a stent put in. she stopped and stopped getting them.

  3. I’m going to write down what I absolutely can’t live without, for instance I like my D3 pills and my breathe right nose strips. Plus the essentials in food. Fruits, vegetables and protein. A bit of dairy. Nothing fancy any more. Not diet stuff but drinks that say they have everything you need to get or be better. Heck it.

  4. I bought a case of Magic Spoon grain free high protein cereal one time because it was cheapest to buy in bulk and ended up hating it. It had the worst whey protein after taste ever and had the sweetness and texture of rice cakes. I ended up giving it all away and went back to eating my occasional Honey Nut Cheerios.

  5. When you are finished dieting it comes down to eating the correct food in the correct portions for the rest of your life. So why not do that in the beginning, chicken, fish lots of fresh vegetables and salads, skip junk food, do not eat out every week. Know what you are eating and learn what correct portions are for you. Walking is the best exercise just as housework of vacuuming, mopping, going up and down stairs. It really helps if all the people you cook for are eating the same as you so no “”bad” food is bought into the home or you are tempted by the food the others want.

  6. As you saying this I’m thinking of my container of collagen I just bought, I have to make myself take that and I feel guilty if I don’t finish it they say you can put it in your coffee and it don’t taste but I think it does. But eventually I will get it finished LOL

  7. I found that with my job, it was actually costing me to work. Between gas, eating out, buying stuff i never would of if I wasn’t in the store, convenient food at home because I was to tired from work, clothes, etc. i cut down on those things and quit. I now had more time to cook, less opportunity to spend money, and I actually saved money. Lol

  8. Weight Watchers has a success rate of only 11%. Meaning after 1 yr, people have weighed the same and more.. Their food is de-void of nutrition. Loosing weight can’t be the goal, health must be. We switched to shopping 80% at a health food store yrs ago because I refused to become educated about REAL food. I would read labels on boxes/packages trying to discipher them. Health food stores refuse to carry many bad items so that in itself, caused me to loose 12 lbs and keep it off. The meals were limited to our small budgets. 
    Now its grass fed beef which is $5 for 1lb, farmers mkt free range eggs, wild alaskan salmon, organic fruit/veges = are our main food. Real food. Today before work, I’ll stop off at the health food store for their pre-made ranch dressing (the store itself makes it) and organic leafy green lettuce+ a box of 4 huge brownies (which have cain sugar) but all other ingredients are real food. No gluten, no GMO, dark/milk chocolate is good for you. I’ll feel stuffed!! I will eat at least 3 of the 4 huge brownies. This will cost $8.50 for todays lunch and $5 for my next 3 lunches. I truly didn’t want to loose weight before, all I did is read the package contents and TRUST they were accurate shopping in crap stores like Winco. I still shop there but for very little.
    I forced myself into a job that requires exercise. This requires my eating right to do the job or I’ll get tired. I believe I have rheumatoid arthritis as 3rd day into the job I couldn’t; walk so had to call in sick. Courtesy Clerk is a rough job but they hire for 16+ hrs and I started at 24 hrs in the snow pushing carts. Much harder.. I do my job so this weight loss now is a shoe in.. yet I don’t care anymore. So strange not to care when I spent years obsessing over my weight. I am just happy to feel good. I will reduce the hrs down to 3 days a week since 4 days is too much for my 54 yr old body long term and I want to work until age 67. We are Union so I can force them into reducing my hrs. Grocery Workers are now essential workers since COVID so much better Union Contracts were negotiated. Pay is $22.45 per hr, free medical/dental benefits for me and $20 a month for my husband after 1 yr. Pension is $31.31 for the first 10 hrs for full time (34.61 hrs per wk is full time) then $41.41 per yr afterward. I work about 24 hrs a week, 1/3 less than full time so my pension will be about $20.88 a year. After 10 hrs, and you get a 33% raise. Age 64.4 to age 67 I will get the $41.41 per yr (or much less pension as by then since I’ve probably reduced hrs to 16 per week at age 64-65 to preserve my legs…16 hrs+ provides me free medical/dental benefits but none for my husband). Grocery jobs are better than they’ve been in the last 20 yrs.

  9. I’ve definitely wasted money on weight loss products. Slim fast, slim quick pills, Atkins, etc. I was also way too young as well when I was on a lot of these products. I now know better. On TV they have these pills called golo and I couldn’t believe one person lost over 100 pounds in nine months. My mom is tempted to try it. After seeing a dietician, and knowing a little bit more about eating better and finding a balance, I’m much more knowledgeable than before. I still have things to learn, but I think that’s normal. I do also struggle with binge eating and I probably always will from eating disorders in the past. I’ll be honest, I’ve been to a total of three dieticians in the past and have tried many diets and lifestyle changes. I really think it’s not meant to be. I’m not trying to be skinny. No matter how much weight I lose, I’ll still be considered over weight because of factors. I can accept myself not being thin, but I also know how to find a balance. Anyway, I’ll still have my days, but maybe one day I’ll get there.

  10. My husband has been doing intermittant fasting. Cut out sugar and most carbs. He’ll eat toast or have a slice of pizza every now and then. He does drink a generic Atkins drink. He uses half and then waters it down when he takes his meds in the morning. Everyone is different and yes we’ve spent a lot of money on things that just didn’t work for him. Especially keto foods. The only keto friendly things we buy now are the atkins drinks and a tortilla wrap, just because he likes the texture and flavor of the wrap.

  11. I hear ya! And I agree. The only weight loss product that has ever worked for me is garcinia Cambogia extract. It’s a natural appetite suppressant. That helps me keep the calorie count low. I take it 30 minutes before dinner with water. I find I don’t wake up hungry in the night. There’s scientific research backing it. If anyone decides to try and just make sure that it’s standardized to 50% HCA.

  12. Eat more fresh produce. Eat less meats, dairy, junk food, processed foods. Move more. Drink more water. The weight should come off on its own. No need for diet foods. Fresh produce is the only diet food you need.

  13. I could probably retire a couple years early with all the money I have wasted on diet programs, diet food, diet hacks. I am doing better in 2023 but still room for improve.

  14. I occasionally buy a box of Atkins bars, when I see a good deal. I do find high fiber, low carb foods to be good, like Extreme tortillas or Thomas 100 calories multigrain English Muffins. Occasionally a loaf or package of keto bread or hamburger buns. They are mostly flavorless I find.

    I don’t online shop so I have never done an auto ship, and I don’t believe in miracle claims. I have often belonged to gyms, not currently. But I like to walk on the treadmill, do the elliptical and take classes. I would not purchase in home products because they would not be quality, and it would not be financially worth it to invest in quality equipment, for me.

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