severe fat loss! ★ fat burner and powerful weight loss (urgent results) Weight Loss

severe fat loss! ★ fat burner and powerful weight loss (urgent results) #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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this subliminal is designed to make you burn fat extremely fast! this weight loss subliminal is more focused on the fat shrinking/burning process than my other weight loss subliminals.


what is a listen once subliminal?
my “listen once” subliminals are made with a powerful formula which makes the subliminal work even if you only listen to it once a day!! you can still listen multiple times to this subliminal and the more you listen the faster the results from this subliminal.

subliminal contents_
▸have severe fat loss
▸fat cells instantly burned
▸all fat cells safely used as fuel
▸fat cells used up as energy
▸instantly burn way more calories
▸burn 1000x more calories than usual
▸low body fat percentage instantly
▸fat cells instantly decrease
▸become leaner instantly
▸body fat percentage decrease
▸all fat cells shrink considerably
▸extremely fast metabolism
▸always burn more calories than eaten
▸body burns thousands more calories
▸undesired fat instantly removed
▸body safely shrinks all fat cells
▸stored fat used up and released
▸all stubborn fat removed
▸intense full body fat burning
▸keep desired fat/weight always
▸fat magically disappears from ur body
▸mind sends message for body to burn fat
▸have the effects of a 10hr workout in 1 listen
▸everything you do causes instant fat loss
▸body stores less fat altogether
▸always have workout motivation
▸genuinely enjoy physical exercise
▸look good in every piece of clothing
▸instantly burn 1000 calories every listen
▸have your exact desired body
▸have your desired weight/leanness
▸mind signals fat cells to shrink
▸increased metabolic rate
▸have healthy eating habits
▸always burn excess calories
▸anything you eat gets burned off
▸burn fat/lose weight overnight
▸permanent results
▸fast subliminal results

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╭ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ╮
extra notes/tips_

▸no affirmations are distorted
▸this is layered and looped lots of times!
▸affirmations are at a moderate speed
▸no harmful/negative affirmations
▸positive safe affirmations
▸desired results
▸no frequencies or binaural beats
▸this subliminal is unisex

▸listen as many times as you are comfortable
▸the more you listen the faster the results
▸listen to it at a low volume
▸drink plenty of water
▸not accepting any requests.
╰ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ╯

music used:
sanyu – starglitter (lofi beats)

what is a subliminal audio?_
subliminal audios are music with affirmations hidden behind it made to target and reprogram your subconscious mind positively. affirmations are positive sentences ( examples: ‘i am healthy’ or ‘i am beautiful’ ). the hidden subliminal affirmations bypass your conscious mind reaching your subconscious where they can reprogram your mind positively, producing real visible results and changes. subliminal results can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months for full results.

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thank you all for listening ♡

20 thoughts on “severe fat loss! ★ fat burner and powerful weight loss (urgent results) Weight Loss”

  1. now this was uploaded at the perfect time!!! ill listen every day around 30mins 🤍 (my height is btw 165cm! aka 5’5)

    start weight: 69.5kgs
    gw: 53kgs

  2. (Hopefully if I remember) rec results

    I have absolutely no intention on changing my diet or my exercise routine (which is like.. 3 30 min cardio workouts a week) so we’ll see how this goes!

    Day one/starting weight: 140.8 lb

    Day two: (edit)

  3. I’m gonna keep u updated Hopefully I get through this journey of weight loss
    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day ):

  4. Beneficios en español
    ▸tiene pérdida de grasa severa
    ▸células grasas quemadas instantáneamente
    ▸todas las células grasas utilizadas de forma segura como combustible
    ▸células grasas utilizadas como energía
    ▸ quema instantáneamente muchas más calorías
    ▸quema 1000 veces más calorías de lo habitual
    ▸bajo porcentaje de grasa corporal al instante
    ▸las células grasas disminuyen instantáneamente
    ▸conviértete en más delgado al instante
    ▸disminución del porcentaje de grasa corporal
    ▸todas las células grasas se encogen considerablemente
    ▸metabolismo extremadamente rápido
    ▸siempre quema más calorías de las que come
    ▸el cuerpo quema miles de calorías más
    ▸grasa no deseada eliminada instantáneamente
    ▸el cuerpo reduce de forma segura todas las células grasas
    ▸grasa almacenada utilizada y liberada
    ▸toda la grasa rebelde eliminada
    ▸intensa quema de grasa en todo el cuerpo
    ▸mantener la grasa/peso deseado siempre
    ▸la grasa desaparece mágicamente de tu cuerpo
    ▸la mente envía un mensaje para que el cuerpo queme grasa
    ▸tener los efectos de un entrenamiento de 10 horas en 1 escucha
    ▸todo lo que haces causa pérdida de grasa instantánea
    ▸el cuerpo almacena menos grasa en total
    ▸siempre tenga motivación para hacer ejercicio
    ▸disfrutar genuinamente del ejercicio físico
    ▸luce bien en cada prenda
    ▸quema instantáneamente 1000 calorías cada vez que escuchas
    ▸tener exactamente el cuerpo deseado
    ▸tener el peso/delgadez deseados
    ▸la mente le indica a las células grasas que se encojan
    ▸aumento de la tasa metabólica
    ▸ tener hábitos alimenticios saludables
    ▸siempre quema el exceso de calorías
    ▸todo lo que comes se quema
    ▸quemar grasa/perder peso durante la noche
    ▸resultados permanentes
    ▸resultados subliminales rápidos

  5. I was thinking to start my weight loss journy from tomorrow and you dropped this ✨
    I will listen to it everything with healthy lifestyle and become the best version of myself 🌝
    Thankyou so much 💞💞

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