seasonal weight loss on carnivore : how crazy is that? #carnivorediet #weightloss Weight Loss

seasonal weight loss on carnivore : how crazy is that? #carnivorediet #weightloss #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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seasonal weight loss on carnivore : how crazy is that? #carnivorediet #weightloss

Have you ever thought about this?
Human is the only specie who gain wait during winter time and loose weight in summer time. Our seasonal weight loss is opposite to all other kind of animals? how crazy is that?
is it the same for all diet, is it the same with carnivore? what are the explanations?
here my crazy video!
please comment to tell me more about what you have noticed

#carnivorediet #weightloss #highfat #carnivore #beyondthescale
00:00 Introduction
00:48 people non carnivore
01:44 winter and summer time CRAZINESS
02:54 same in carnivore?
04:04 weight gain during winter explanations
07:43 weight loss during summer explanations
11:05 what are your thoughts?

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9 thoughts on “seasonal weight loss on carnivore : how crazy is that? #carnivorediet #weightloss Weight Loss”

  1. Interesting, I have never noticed this on carnivore myself. In fact my weight was at an all time low 2 weeks ago. Maybe I’m just an outlier. What I do notice is that you work up an appetite if you’ve been out in the cold much more than on a hot and sweaty day. We need more energy to keep warm, maybe we overshoot that compensation, because there is no scarcity of food anymore during the winter.

  2. I believe that the seasons are important to how our body works. Perhaps the mere darkness in winter time gives us a signal that there is less food available and it changes the metabolism. It would be logical that as living organisms everything has an effect.

  3. Everyone around me(myself included) feel hungrier in the winter. Perhaps our body thinks that food is scarce and no opportunity to eat should be missed. I do believe that lack of outdoor activity(which results in less physical activity, stress and boredom) is a huge contributor as well. Winter gains are one of the reasons I am loving the low carb lifestyle. Last winter(when I first started experimenting with low carb) was the first ever winter during which I didn’t gain any unasked for weight. This winter, as a carnivore, I am observing the same benefits. And it is probably a self-sustaining cycle: lack of excess weight means I am not as sluggish as usual during the winter, hence I have the motivation to be more active and get outside more, so I am not nearly as affected by winter blues as I used to be. P.S I’ve been liberal carnivore(I occasionally use spices, drink zero drinks, erythritol) for 8 months now. I live in South East Europe( temperate, four season climate).

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