Potatoes are AWESOME for Weight Loss Weight Loss

Potatoes are AWESOME for Weight Loss #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Macros entire recipe: 661 calories, 69C, 18F, 63P
250g potatoes
200g chicken breast
250g mushrooms
50g milk
2 laughing cow
3 cloves of garlic
150g water with 8g stock powder and 2g cornstarch
4g oil

Boil potatoes in salted water for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile cut the chicken into slices, chop up mushrooms, peel and grate garlic, and combine stock ingredients in a glass.

Fry chicken breast in a pan on medium-high heat for 1 minute on each side. Remove the chicken and add mushrooms to the dry pan with a splash of water. Cook mushrooms for 4-5 minutes before adding some oil fry for another 2-3 minutes. Now add in a bit more oil and add minced garlic. Keep frying for 20 seconds before adding stock and 1 laughing cow wedge. Combine everything and let it simmer on very low heat.

At this stage, potatoes should be ready. Add them in a plate and mash them with a fork. Add milk, 1 laughing cow, and seasoning. Mix everything.

Plate mashed potatoes with chicken on top and add optional parsley. Done!

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20 thoughts on “Potatoes are AWESOME for Weight Loss Weight Loss”

  1. Wont mashing the potatoe reduce the satiety index? (Because you don’t have to chew anymore?) It’s a genuine question

  2. Hey now, Felu! That is NOT “Better Than Bouillon!” That product is a paste and what you used is plainly a powder. I love all kinds of stock and bouillon, in cubes, or paste, or powder, and the healthiest ones I found, in terms of sugar and fat content, are powdered “Seitenbacher’s” , or one called “Cook’s Delight Zero Sugar,” which is a loose paste.

  3. Hi Felu,

    Have you tried adding nutritionnal yeast to sauces? IT gives a nice creamy texture and and the macros are very good.

  4. Potato diet fads have been around for over 125yr and come back like all diets every few decades.
    Potatoes are 90% carbs. If you still believe the flawed previous for pyramid and think that a little fat is like taking nitroglycerin, then going on a carb heavy diet will make sense. Otherwise when it comes to carbs, we nowadays recommend it be low especially with skyrocketing obesity and diabetics who have sugar problems.
    The massive obesity epidemic which see US states now hit 40% obesity rates started in 1970s when carbs became panacea and was pushed as …low fat, therefore healthy.
    Eat a balanced meal and use carbs for energy (if your lifestyle/work/training demands it) but keep your carbs down.
    The potato diet as with all fads is short term. It isn’t a weapon or miracle, it’s simply a part of healthy diet when used in moderation. Exercise, controlled caloric reduction, even IF are going to help you lose weight….not a “miracle” food.
    I’m sure the grapefruit diet will soon pop up again too. It always does.

  5. There is even “low carbs” potatoes with 30% less carbs and with around 50 kcal per 100g. I found them in kaufland. Probably not as satiating though.

  6. Though potatoes have high volume but you can’t say it is satiating. It can sure add volume to your meal but can’t say it is satiating.

  7. Dr John McDougall has been preaching potatoes and rice for weight loss and disease reversal for 50 years.

    The “Starch Solution” has saved lots of lives.

  8. I’m a fan of airfry potatos+chili flakes with the sauce from the cheesburger bowl. It’s done super quick and a tasty small meal

  9. Once in Germany it was said that after eating Polish potatoes you can die. Currently, it is said there that you can die from Polish coal. Where in Germany, more coal is mined than in Poland. If you want to eat healthy, I recommend products from the heart of Europe. Peace.

  10. Just absolute nonsense. Potatoes are essentially sugar and provokes an insulin response. To be avoided.

    Calories have nothing to do with anything and fibre is a non-essential carb.

    Just horse shit from start to finish.

    Instead of taking health advice from idiots like this, have a look at real sources – in this case Prof Ben Bikman’s book “Why We Get Sick”

  11. I think people forget about potatoes, because they need some effort to make them not bland. And the mashed potatoes are pretty heavy and bland to be honest, while people often know no other way how to serve potatoes, and thus they get bad rep.

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