Pearl’s Weight loss Journey Weight Loss

Pearl’s Weight loss Journey #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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18 thoughts on “Pearl’s Weight loss Journey Weight Loss”

  1. You’re a solid 6.5 now. 15 lbs would put you in high 7/low the end of the day though you clearly are a real person..that’s a 10 for most dudes

  2. Pearl, unlike the Whales 🐳 you speak of who have more “Chins than a Chinese phone book” you look wholesome and desirable. Parlayer

  3. You need to take accountability pearl, or else your not gonna attract your dream 6ft606, 8 figure, high value man, whos gonna cheat on you anyway, because hes top 20% of men and has options, and is biologically programmed to cheat, 😆

  4. I’m 6’3 and use to weight 280 and now teased for being skinny…. im skinny fat but losing weight and keeping it off is easier than people think and cost effective for any overweight persons budget. I can break it down for you or refer the $15 book written by a M.D. explaining the necessary hormonal shift to lose weight and keep it off. You gotta ask though, like Peterson said about casting pearls before swine in terms of offering what i know to someone who ignores it or isn’t aware…. just reply to my comment and thank you for the MRA support and calling out parts of society on their bs

  5. I’d love to see you start a weight training program and take us on the journey with you. Muscle is health! You look good now.

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