Our BBBE 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Begins For World Carnivore Month Weight Loss

Our BBBE 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Begins For World Carnivore Month #weightloss Weight Loss

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CARNIVORE QUEST’S “Wall of Doom” Beef, Butter, Bacon and Egg Weight loss CHALLENGE begins today as we try and lose a combined 10,000lb as a community. All low carb diets are welcome to participate. This includes Keto, Ketovore and Carnivore. Put your current (starting) weight in the comments of this video. Remember everyone, No sugar, No carbs and No Cheating!!
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Hi!! I’m Cassie….and I’m Larry!!
WELCOME TO CARNIVORE QUEST!! After years of being overweight and trying every diet known to man, we have decided to do the carnivore diet to lose a total of 250lb and improve our overall health. We started this quest on 10-04-20 and it has been a rollercoaster ride for sure. We promised ourselves we would be completely transparent and genuine on our channel as we document our quest to better ourselves. “What you see is what you get” and we will always keep it that way!! Thank you so much for stopping by…..
Hope you subscribe to our crazy journey and root us on because we will always root for you!!!

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20 thoughts on “Our BBBE 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Begins For World Carnivore Month Weight Loss”

  1. Here we go !!! I preserved enough MEAT to also take part in the ” three rivers pantry challenge” out with the older in with the new ,, shop the meat sales & buy ahead,,
    God bless your family ,,

  2. Me: 183 (regained 27# after switching from keto to carnivore!)
    Hubs: 197 (regained 9# from keto to carnivore!)

    We’re IN❣️
    Love y’all!!

  3. Thanks for including those of us not doing BBBE. As much as I want to, I know I just need to stay keto/ketovore for 60 days after struggling for consistency last year. Starting weight this morning was 280…looking to get into a good groove this year and keep heading towards my overall goal of 140 👍🏽

  4. I am ready to get started with the group, I have been on carnivore thru december and I love the plan, I have been BBBE for december and it’s went smooth I usually make crispy bacon, then I crumble it up when I am making my scrambled eggs and when I put them on the plate my bacon is mixed in already then I throw in a piece or 2 as I am eating. i am starting at 190 this month so I will post my loss monthly , Good luck and Happy New Year

  5. How great to see so many people in on this. I wish you all the best! Together, we are strong.🥩🥓🧈🥚❤️

  6. I put on 6 pounds over the last month 🤦🏼‍♀️ This is a restart for me. My daughter, and my Son have jumped on board with me. My Son and I are doing Keto-vore, and my daughter is doing Keto. Today was our day 1, and we have our menu planned one week at a time. Good luck to everyone, and Happy New Year 🎉

  7. I’m going for it!!! Today is day 1… 59 to go!!! I have only ever done carnivore for 21 days. I have been keto for 3 years and lost 135 lbs but hit a platou this past year. I have 45 more lbs to I’m hoping this challenge helps me break the stall and get to the finish line and then see what happens after that. Thanks for your sharing your journey and inviting us all to join your challenge. My mom and I are both doing it. I listened to Dr. Ken Berry about the 90 day challenge and then I saw your post about the 60 day so here we go!!!! Happy new year everyone!!!

  8. I’m in for the BBBE challenge, even though I didn’t actally fall off the sugar/carb wagon. I think this challenge will help me just keep things tighter as I go through some tough stress on all fronts (work, finances, home) in the next 3 weeks. Fortunately I love all four of the BBBE items. I don’t have a scale so I can’t share my weight as of today. I might not be too successful regarding weight loss because of the high stress I’m feeling. I have my LMNT now that will carry me through the challenge!

    Who coined the phrase? I will guess Dr Sean Baker.

  9. I’m in. First time doing carnivore. Had success with keto but fell off over the holidays. Time to get healthy and hopefully get off some medications. Happy New Year!

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