Oprah’s Weight Loss – Is Ozempic better than Low-Carb? Weight Loss

Oprah’s Weight Loss – Is Ozempic better than Low-Carb? #weightloss Weight Loss

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Oprah Winfrey revealed she is using a medication to maintain her weight. New GLP-1 drugs, like Ozempic and Wegovy, can treat obesity by lowering blood sugar and keeping cravings away. They have risen immensely in popularity, partly due to celebrities using them for quick and drastic weight loss.
Why is weight management so difficult that drugs seem to be the last resort? Have we been taught dietary information that contributes to weight gain, instead of keeping us healthy? Could a healthy, low-carb or keto way of eating achieve permanent weight loss results without the use of so-called miracle drugs?


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9 thoughts on “Oprah’s Weight Loss – Is Ozempic better than Low-Carb? Weight Loss”

  1. Thank you for your video.

    There’s a huge difference between a brain disease and emotional sickness.
    The mind has to be treated from trauma that may have contributed to weight gain. Emotions create different chemical reactions in the brain and body to act a certain way, the brain is not the creator emotions are.

    Again, ozempic or any other drug treats the symptom and not cure a disease.

    She is also a stakeholder in weight watchers that coincidentally is now prescribing the d r u g for weight loss.

  2. Brain disease ? No,
    It is carb addiction.
    It is bad information.
    Deliberate inclusion of super high carbs in ALL food.
    The people are sold this poison labeled as “food”
    Our doctors have lied to us or they are ignorant.

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