Nikocado Avocado is Losing Weight Weight Loss

Nikocado Avocado is Losing Weight #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Nikocado Avocado, the internet’s favorite mukbanger. Today, we look at one of his recent videos where he details his recent weight loss. God speed Nikocado. Buckle up.

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20 thoughts on “Nikocado Avocado is Losing Weight Weight Loss”

  1. You should definitely try it and let us know what you think! But also be mindful that Lil Caesar’s is a franchise and the quality isn’t the same everywhere. Also I am proud of Nicholas and happy for his growth. He definitely always struck me as being a very smart and conscientious person. So to see him speak intelligibly is always nice.

  2. I’m legitimately happy for him. He seems so much happier and I think he was putting up a persona to continue making money. I hope he continues in this direction of making healthier decisions for himself. It’s definitely a start. I think he was a funny person who was making unhealthy decisions for himself in order to continue making the content his audience watched. He seems so much better and this is a good start.

  3. August if you want to try a slice of the pizza go ahead don’t wait for people to make up your mind.
    And the only thing I liked about Nicko Avocado is his way in thinking.
    But if you are eating plenty you have to exercise plenty.

  4. Honestly i’m happy to see him losing the weight. I was concerned about what was happening, but i’m glad to see he’s making a change

  5. Little Caesars is like most of the pizza chains where it mostly depends on the one near you. The little caesars down the street from me is probably the best pizza within a 25 minute drive to other places. I might just be lucky, cuz I used to have the only good PIzza Hut in the US apparently near me too, but then they turned into what all my friends would tell me about before they closed.

  6. I never thought he would do it but it seems as if Nikocado Avocado is deciding to change his ways for the better

  7. August …all love mate….my guy Nikoboi just said at 5:28 that there is 287 cal/g in this chicken wing….average chicken wing is around 21ish grams….you saying that one wing is worth 6k calories? 3 times a typical modern human caloric intake? As a seasoned Food Scientist…don’t get me started on the Brix part as well. Nikoboi is mongrel mate.

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