My Top 10 Fitness and Weight Loss Tips. Weight Loss

My Top 10 Fitness and Weight Loss Tips. #weightloss Weight Loss

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19 thoughts on “My Top 10 Fitness and Weight Loss Tips. Weight Loss”

  1. Happy new year, dudes and she-dudes! Take care of your health, work on your skills, eat healthy food, no alcohol, no nicotine, no drugs

  2. i don’t agree with 10. i always found that setting myself an unrealistic goal helped me more than a realistic goal. even if i can never hit my goal, as long as i believe i go far beyond a realistic goal. also you can never know what is a realistic goal for you so might as well shoot for the stars.

  3. I don’t normally comment, but with the new year’s influx of people trying to be healthy I feel like I have to share. This time last year I started taking weight training seriously and found Greg’s channel. I was 147 going into January 2022 and today I’m weighing in dry at 167. I’d say my body fat has increased to 12-14% up from likely single digits. I used to run over 50 miles a week so staying relatively lean was important to me as I gained size. I honestly could have made more gainz if I didn’t fall victim to yo-yo dieting. I’m not the biggest guy in the world(5’11, long limbs), but the knowledge I have been able to obtain from this channel has shown me the potential of my natural abilities and it’s completely changed my life. If I’ve learned anything over the year it’s that you have to change your lifestyle if you want your body to reap the benefits.

  4. 2:49 that may be not true because you are only seeing this effect by eating only protein and not by a regular diet that contains a lot of protein against a diet which is low in protein.

  5. I think eating optimal amount of protein is best, don’t eat excess to fill up, it can’t be good. Pretty sure it’s 0.8 to 1 gram per kg of lean body weight. If you aren’t eating enough protein, your body will let you know, if you’re craving it. I just want to make gains whilst strengthening injuries, increasing flexibility and not getting more injuries. I probably have unrealistic goals, I don’t like to settle, I know Rome wasn’t built in a day though

  6. I don’t need to lose weight Greg are you fat shaming me I can’t even keep the weight on 😅 250 test and I just get stronger and leaner.

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