MLM HORROR STORIES #63 | Xyngular rep lies that weight loss is from the pills, not surgery #ANTIMLM Weight Loss

MLM HORROR STORIES #63 | Xyngular rep lies that weight loss is from the pills, not surgery #ANTIMLM #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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#hannahalonzo #antimlm #mlmhorrorstories

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20 thoughts on “MLM HORROR STORIES #63 | Xyngular rep lies that weight loss is from the pills, not surgery #ANTIMLM Weight Loss”

  1. I have a friend that sold a protein weight loss powder. I don’t remember what it was because it was probably 10 years ago. She lost tons of weight to where she looked unhealthy. I later found out that she had quit taking her thyroid medicine in order to make people think she lost all that weight from the powder! Very very dangerous! I never bought any of the powder by the way! She had to start taking her thyroid medicine again and then she just gained the weight back but at least she was healthy! It’s scary The links that people will go to to sell products!

  2. Omg when your pregnant looking forward to that craving such a bummer I would’ve drive to the next town too lol

  3. Sometimes I feel bad about having some Tupperware containers, then I remember that they’re older than I am and were my grandmother’s. I would never support them myself, but these are here already and I don’t want to replace them just because I detest the company.

  4. “say hello to your fan club” was perhaps the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen. We all love Hannah, but we’re definitely a Zeke&cooper fan club as well.

  5. I think someone else’s deep dive on Herbalife explained it. The storefronts don’t have food licenses so you can’t buy drinks from them normally and that’s why they can’t have “café” or “bar” or any related restaurant words in the names. You’re paying for a membership to the nutrition club and then you can ingest whatever they give you without inspections or licenses.

  6. Blood test: I’m going to guess the first slide was chilled to make the blood clump and the second was normal. Either that or there was some kind of chemical.

  7. What I got out of this video…
    1. I want a smoothie and now am going to make myself after I’m done with putting away laundry. And
    2. MLMs have been and always will be so damn scammy!

    eta: why is Costco food so dang tasty!?

  8. At a minimum it takes 2 hours to digest anything you ingest. Liquids process a little more quickly, but it takes time for something to go from your small intestines, where everything is absorbed, into the bloodstream; but that’s after digestion has occurred first.

    Even then, it takes time for what has been absorbed to have an effect on the body. I am guessing they pretended to use this man’s blood , when it was likely a prepared presentation.

  9. So I’m not sure if this is because I’m from the Midwest but a shake has ice cream and a smoothie is normally a fruit and veggie blend.

  10. Herbalife has a whole set of sketchy rules for these nutrition clubs. It’s gross. I remember seeing deep dives from a few other anti-mlm creators on that topic. It’s very interesting and eye opening

  11. Commenting for the algorithm! Also because your horror story videos are the best.

    Fingers crossed that your baby girl will make her arrival any day now! Good luck Hannah!

  12. Just wanted to say you’ve got this. Take one step at a time and savor every moment you can, this is the only “parenting” advice I give (but then again it is 100% advice to everyone and not just parents.) well that and take lots of pictures but don’t forget to be in the moment too. Before you know it you’ll have a 2 year old running around telling you no.

    Okay so the Herbalife shakes, my sister used to own one of those shops with someone else and it went south, the different flavors can definitely have fresh or frozen produce depending on the flavor. The most basic flavor is Strawberry Banana made with the vanilla powder. They all most likely have that. My sister’s place had probably 20 different shakes and at least 1/4 of them were fresh or frozen fruit blends. (Don’t get me wrong I am definitely not advocating for getting them 😅)

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