Metformin for weight loss? Weight Loss

Metformin for weight loss? #weightloss Weight Loss

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Weight loss is increasingly advertised as an off label use for metformin, but does it even work? How does weight loss with #metformin stack up against other diabetic medications? In this video, we will cover just that.

Weight loss trial for metformin:,in%20the%20metformin%20group%20vs.

Weight loss trial for semaglutide (#wegovy and #ozempic ):

2 thoughts on “Metformin for weight loss? Weight Loss”

  1. Metformin has always been a diarrhea inducer for me. My last Metformin refill costed me 51 cents after the $4.57 insurance coverage. Thank you Caremark, I know you love me and want me to be a loyal fan of metformin. I guess I got what I paid for.

  2. I hate Metformin. I lost less than 5lbs when I first took it. My blood sugars never came down and even increasing the dose my blood sugars kept going up. I had bad side effects. I got really bad muscle cramps which I never got even when I played sports like wrestling where I cut large amounts of water wait. With metformin I would get calf and forearm cramps just watching TV. It also seemed to leave me tired and just feeling aweful. When I got off it I felt so much better almost immediately. No would not suggest it to anyone.

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