Meat, Cancer, Weight-Loss, and KAROL! Prepare yourself. 🤯 Weight Loss

Meat, Cancer, Weight-Loss, and KAROL! Prepare yourself. 🤯 #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Here are some of the meaty topics that we cover:
*Tips for getting started
*How to break sugar/carb addiction
*Ways to optimize health
*Levers for weight-loss (including fat-fasts and macros)
*Understanding hunger cues
*Dealing with holidays and social events

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How to fat-fast for those that would like to try:
How to make whipped tallow bites:
@carnivoredoctor ‘s browned butter bites recipe:

Here’s how I obtain/cook fat trimmings:

Here’s the link to the Silver Sneakers info if you’re over age 65:,designed%20to%20promote%20cardiovascular%20health.
A free guide to movement/fitness for beginners:

I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one on TV. Please do not use this video as medical advice. I tell the truth about my own health and my own experiences in hopes of improving other people’s health, but have no interest in being sued. So…consult a doctor if you have questions.
And please don’t add or take-away anything from your diet that doesn’t make you feel good. Your body is always the best judge. Please like, subscribe, and share the video in order to help spread the Carnivore message.
INFORMATION ABOUT Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (Which was NOT Kathryn’s diagnosis, by the way):
If you aren’t healing and feeling MUCH better after six months of eating this way, I would encourage you to look into other possible causes including Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).
A quick intro to CIRS:…
A support group for CIRS:
A TONS of CIRS info: @thecirsgroup

19 thoughts on “Meat, Cancer, Weight-Loss, and KAROL! Prepare yourself. 🤯 Weight Loss”

  1. Excellent video!! I wish the cancer treatment industry would realize that this life habit change is a valuable part of treatment.

  2. I love, love, love this! Thank you, ladies, for this inspirational conversation. I celebrated my own 9-year CrossFit anniversary this week. I’m 60 years old, down over 100 pounds, and mostly carnivore. Amen to everything you said, and God bless you both for the good you do.❤❤

  3. please look into “Lung cancer parasite” and “seizures caused by parasites”.

    I believe one of the main reasons why canivore works is because if kills off parasites because parasites love carbs & sugar. When you cut out carbs & sugar the parasites die off from lack of food they like to eat. Parasites can be worms, candida, h pylori and other microscopic parasites etc. Many researchers/doctors believe food cravings of sugar and carbs are the parasites in your gut demanding these foods. Vets know that if a pet is over eating or under eating they have parasites. However, this is overlooked by ALL doctors because they are now not taught about parasites and how they literally take over the brain gut. Overeating or under eating in humans IS caused by parasites in the gut. Including crohns, IBS and other gut issues.

    The Merck Phrama manual states “All disease is caused by parasites”

    Dr group yt ch states in one of his parastie vids that “90% of US citizens have parasties (he believes). In the old days our grandparents & great grandparents etc did parasite cleanses twice a year (at least) knowing that parasites made you sick. Today in many parts of the world they still carry on this parasite cleanse practice to stay healthy because they know that parasites are the root of illness. see Dr Ken Berry, Dr Berg, Dr Axe, Candida eric bakker naturopath (something like that) a gut expert has excellent vids on parasites, Crohn, IBS, candida etc

    See dr axe, dr hilda clark, road to perfect health brenda watson vids too.

    Just read in a parasite book (online) that worms are made up of protein…so when eating the Carnivore diet they get digested quickly along with the meat you are eating (I know gross but, carnviore diet heals gut issues and the gut issues are parasites from fungus, worms to microscopic bad bacteria/virus).

    Big phama companies know parasites are the cause of disease…they use RX drugs to just keep the parasite symptoms at bay so they can make BILLIONS and BILLIONS off of sick patients. If everyone knew they were carrying around parasite (including lung parasites that cause lung cancer) they would do parasite cleanse and get healthy…they the big phama companies would lose billions and billions.

    90% of our health is rooted in our gut…if your gut bacteria/virus are not health and we have worms/fungus/parasites we are sick…if we have a healthy gut with good gut bacteria flora we are literally healthy AND happy. This is why the carnviore diet works wonders…it’s a elimination diet and kills off candida, worms, bad bacteria/virus. KEEPING YOUR GUT HEALTH KEEPS YOU HEALTH. RAW Fremented veggies like sauerkraut puts good bacteria into the gut to fight off the bad bacteria. This is why also fasting works wonders because you starve to death candida, worms, parasites.

    KELLY please interview doctors who are knowledgeable on parasites and parasite cleanses. maybe a parasite/gut specialist. thanks

    Great interview. thank you both. 💙

  4. Increadible journey! Hopefully this story will inspire others! I’ve talked to many people, and they usually get flippant when I tell them….

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