Meal Prep with Under 500 Calories for Weight Loss | Chile Lemon Rice Bowls Weight Loss

Meal Prep with Under 500 Calories for Weight Loss | Chile Lemon Rice Bowls #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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These Chile Lemon Rice Bowls can be awesome for weight loss because they are lower calorie than many other meals while containing a good amount of volume. The recipe can be found here:

Nutritional Estimates from MacroFactor.

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20 thoughts on “Meal Prep with Under 500 Calories for Weight Loss | Chile Lemon Rice Bowls Weight Loss”

  1. Hey Josh thanks for posting these videos, appreciate it

    Suggestion: I’m a complete beginner, and I figure that are other people like me. In line with your previous video on becoming a meal prepper, maybe you should do a series or have a playlist of “easy” things us beginners can start with.

    Appreciate the content as always!

  2. When though i knew this one, I want to show my appreciation for your description of the tomato sauce! It’s super helpful for us following along from across the pond

  3. Microwaves don’t penetrate very deeply which is why they cook so unevenly (well, that’s one of the reasons), so stirring often is required, as they actually just cook the surface and heat has to go towards the middle as usual.

  4. You’ve moved me over to the dark side and am making more rice dishes. Delish. And love the way you hold your fork. Keep being you!

  5. thx for telling me about the european version of the tomato sause, alot of times i struggle to find the right things from american recipes and i chose wrong and it dosent come out good.

  6. For snack city do you think I can flash freeze and then keep frozen twice baked potatoes? Is that a thing? Will they defrost and reheat ok? Thx 🙏

  7. Thanks for adding in the freezer meal demo. I don’t mind the same meal for a few days in a row, but I’ve been wanting to start prepping more freezer meals to create some variety based on when things are in season/sales/etc. Keep up the good work!

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