Lets Talk | Sex Life, PP Weight loss/Gain/Body Changes, Period, & Emotions Weight Loss

Lets Talk | Sex Life, PP Weight loss/Gain/Body Changes, Period, & Emotions #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Lets Talk | Sex Life, PP Weight loss/Gain/Body Changes, Period, & Emotions

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20 thoughts on “Lets Talk | Sex Life, PP Weight loss/Gain/Body Changes, Period, & Emotions Weight Loss”

  1. I bought my daughter , special vitamins for her to take to help her with her hair loss. Joyce Giraud hair strength supplements . They work for hair loss . There the only ones under 50.00$ just sharing hopefully this helps you . Don’t be hard on yourself , you look beautiful . Just the way you are . 😊

  2. Lord girl, medical professional here, I would have helped you get through that. Feeling overwhelmed is not often depression or postpartum depression. It’s your estrogen and progesterone levels drop dramatically. This can get you mood swings, Sadness, irritability but this usually goes away. Sometimes it takes up to 6 months postpartum for your body’s hormones to get back to normal sometimes a few weeks

  3. thank you for sharing im a grandmother of 3 waiting on my number 4 andyou are so open so thank you and sorry to say down there never really goes back fully

  4. Thank you so much for this Mindy!! I’m expecting my first child.. a baby girl due in August 💕 My hubby and I are SO excited! I don’t have anyone close to me that has gone through this that I could talk to, so thank you – it’s seriously so helpful! Sending love!

  5. We are struggling with the opposite libido issue in my house. My libido has always been high but my husband had a vasectomy 11 years ago and suffered nerve damage and in turn has had his testosterone level drop and has a very poor libido.

  6. I had my daughter 2 years ago. My OB told me to work on my pelvic floor a lot during pregnancy so recovery wouldn’t be too bad. I ended up having a strong pelvic floor so recovery wasn’t too bad. The only pain really was my hips since my daughter rested on my hip the whole time. I assume maybe working on your pelvic floor or seeing a pelvic floor therapist.

  7. Idk if you did this purposefully or not lol, but you wore the perfect color for this girl chat haha. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. It’s been 10years since I’ve had my last child and I’ve had both of my children vaginally and mine is exactly the same as you described Lmao so I’m guessing it always will lol it’s something I’m really self cautious about also haha

  9. Working mom of three. Me and and my husband are very blessed to where our working schedule work together we don’t need child care or babysitter. I’m a true believer in keeping a schedule. Some days it is hard, but we try our best to keep to it. From doing homework, when dinner should be prepped and cooked, to bath and bed. Hopefully tiding up the house in between all of that lol. Your doing great Mama minx!! Love the videos send hugs and love to you and family!! 💖

  10. Hi Mindy! I am older so I had 3. First was a c- section. 2 and 3 were vaginal. Either was a picnic! 😂. Your body will never be like it used to. But it will be ok.

  11. You can actually buy it at the baby store those frozen ice packs you should have known about them before because you can buy them all on your own

  12. I had a c-section about 3 months ago (I’ll be 12 weeks pp tomorrow) and it took me a full 8 weeks to feel back to “normal.” It was brutal. I still get twinges sometimes near the scar but overall I definitely feel better now. But I feel you about the random crying the first few days pp. That was me! 😂

  13. I had an emergency C Section with my first. The recovery was brutal as they nicked my bowel and I got an acute infection. We adstained until 8 weeks pp but I felt really self conscious so we didn’t partake in intimacy often until about 10 months pp.
    I am now 5 months pregnant. I’m having a planned C Section and a tubule ligation as we are finished after this baby. I’m 38, he’s 42.
    No one prepares you for pp. It’s all delivery delivery delivery. I wish more focus was placed on recovery and how you will emotionally feel with the rapid drop in hormones pp.
    Hope its not TMI but I think its important to not sugar-coat pp.

  14. My first child’s labour was horrendous I had a back to back labour with her and was tore to shreds! I convinced myself I was never doing that again 😂 had another 2! the 3rd was the quickest & easiest labour just 4 hours & it felt like he just slipped out 😂😂

  15. I had both my boys by C-section. I’m kind of glad after hearing what women have to endure with a vaginal birth. I feel like I need to give you a hug and say I’m so sorry about your mommy parts.

  16. Good Morning Ladybug!!
    Your hormones are on a rollercoaster when you come home with your baby. It is a life
    changing experience, but the most amazing
    thing you’ll ever experience. The baby becomes first priority, and everything else
    is pushed to the side. Everyone does not
    know how to handle that.
    Before my oldest was born, I was terrified
    that I wouldn’t wake up when the baby cried.
    I was a hard sleeper before my oldest was born, but the instinct kicks in, and I heard every little sound after birth.
    I’ve had a C-section and a natural birth.
    The natural birth was for a 9 pd baby that
    was 21 inches long. I have stretch marks
    from him because I was big and he was too.
    My youngest was a C-section. I was hospitalized the week before he was born,
    due to having sepsis. That experience was
    a scary one, since we both could have died.
    He was 7 pounds 9 ounces, and smaller than
    my oldest. I remember thinking he looked so
    fragile, compared to his older brother. My
    body was never the same after having babies
    but it’s so worth it.
    Biotin and Keratin supplements will help with
    hair growth.
    I will mention that I had Post Pardum Depression after the birth of my youngest
    son, and it was bad. There’s a big difference
    in that and having the “baby blues”.
    I didn’t want to eat. I couldn’t sleep. I cried so
    much that my cheeks were dry and flaky.
    I felt like I was grieving someone’s death, each
    and every day. Thoughts would go through my head that I’ve never thought before, like
    the idea that my baby and my family didn’t
    need me. I encourage anyone that’s having
    these issues to please talk to your doctor
    about it. There is help for this.
    There’s also a book I want to recommend,
    that was written by Brooke Shields, who was
    going through it. It’s called DOWN CAME THE
    As I read it, there was so much similarity, it was as if she wrote what I was feeling.
    I am living proof that it does get better, but
    it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time.
    I had to take medication to straighten out
    my hormones, and I’m glad that I did.

  17. “They’re just HANGING!”

    I felt that in my soul! Been exclusively breastfeeding for 13 months tomorrow, and boy ohhh boyyyy do things change! lol

    Also, regarding the first period after baby. I used to use a menstrual cup, and I can’t anymore. The cup gives me the most agonizing butthole cramps (tmi? but it’s true). Hoping I can use the cup again one day, because it’s the best. But my flow is a lot heavier, and my back pain is worse. I get back pain higher up my back than I used to, like up between my shoulders. It’s awful. BUT, everybody is different, and I hope and pray you have a better PP period than I do!

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