How I lost 60 pounds(27 kilos) NO exercise- postpartum weight loss journey Weight Loss

How I lost 60 pounds(27 kilos) NO exercise- postpartum weight loss journey #weightloss Weight Loss

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Hi my name is Lilly and I am an American expat living on the island of Koh Samui in the gulf of Thailand for the last 9 years. My husband is Thai and his name is Wat. We have two boys named Luke and Leon and a new baby girl named Lyla. Nam is our Nanny and she is like family to us. She is from Myanmar and has worked for us for over 7 years.

20 thoughts on “How I lost 60 pounds(27 kilos) NO exercise- postpartum weight loss journey Weight Loss”

  1. In islam we are told to drink 3 quarters drink 3 quarters food and then leave 3 quarters space air.. defo as people we over eat which isnt good and eat food that isnt good ie fastfood and sugary drinks.. fructose is a killer we need to stop having ir

  2. Amen. God bless you more with your family Lilly 🙏 I’ve always watched your videos daily since I have started to see your vlog. I’m a Baptist Christian. More videos with the word of God. Spreading the gospel. Stay blessed and be the blessings 🙏

  3. Hello Lilly!
    Very nice vlogs and a beautiful family!
    One question for you:
    Could you please recommend a place to stay for one night only near the Lomprayah pier in Sammi before heading to another island the following day. A clean, decent and safe place .
    Than you!!!!

  4. For me all addictions (compensation mechanisms) come from dramatic events and/or lack of love for yourself. Behind every addiction there are demon forces enhancing to make it difficult to quit. You need to be open and receive tangible love of God, your Father. It is so powerful that every bad symptom you experienced for many years can go. Then you more easily have discipline and can keep it. Be set free from all demonic influences manifesting addictions, in the name of Jesus!

  5. I agree with some of your thoughts and stuff but not all. I am a muslim ☪️. Keeping a healthy mind and body is defo good so exercise and drinking and eating good not over eating and plenty of fasting i do islamic and intermitten fasting. Plus eating a varied diet all so helps, but getting enough sleep is a big one as if u dont get enough sleep will not help with weightloss

  6. Omg this is the best video she’s ever put out. Information that is correct. The before and after videos were beneficial because it backed up what information she gave. However she’s wrong about Alcoholism and Obesity it is a disease.

  7. I also appreciate your tips on how to build discipline you are right there’s so many simple little daily ways to feel disciplined it’s not like a light switch it’s something that we build as we go thank you once again Lily

  8. Truth hurts.😅but I think you’re right Lilly. Slow metabolism, hormonal imbalance and PCOS can be partly one of the factors of obesity.. (and I’ve been using these reasons for my being fat everytime somebody makes a remark about my weight. I’m 75 kgs @ the age of 40 ). have started my year right by God’s grace by resolving to focus more on Him. I think I’ll just have to work on discipline as you suggested.😅 Such a timely content, definitely an eye-opener .you are truly a blessing. Thank you so much Lilly

  9. If you had a weight control and inspiration vlog id be your greatest support!!!!! You so loving, sincere and inspiring.
    I love you with the love of Christ!!!!

  10. I’d love to know how other women feel comparing skinny to med….how you feel at these sizes….I mean how you feel on the inside not how you feel on a image level

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