How I Lost 20 KG in 9 MONTHS – Weight Loss Transformation Weight Loss

How I Lost 20 KG in 9 MONTHS – Weight Loss Transformation #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Road to Overweight
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3:39 Weight Loss Journey
7:37 Result
7:51 Next Year’s Goals

20 thoughts on “How I Lost 20 KG in 9 MONTHS – Weight Loss Transformation Weight Loss”

  1. That synthwave vid in background is a fantastic mix, listened numerous times.
    Congrats on walking lots, sure your understanding of surroundings has increased (us urbanites in NYC of course know that)

  2. Excellent work Benji. Keep it up. And yeah, a lot of weight loss happens in the kitchen, I also had to learn that lesson. My fitness goal for 2023 is to really learn how to roller ski, and use that as my primary form of exercise. Maybe try to get on the bike again too, but not too confidence about that one after my stomach injury made it impossible for me to ride for more than 40-45 minutes. Maybe it’s gotten better after a year.

  3. You should definitely feel proud about yourself. Thank you for telling us your story. I’m happy that you’re feeling good with yourself. If you can keep it going, perfect. But it’s good that it seems you’re not putting a negative type of pressure on you to keep the same rate of weight loss going. The thinner you become, the harder it gets.

    About My Fitness Pal, I have a similar experience. After a few months using it, and losing some weight in the process, it became annoying to keep putting all the meals in the app. But it taught me how to better identify the nutrients and calories I was ingesting. Very useful indeed.

  4. Your bravery in sharing this will inspire others – 👏🏻
    Also a big thank you for the content produced in 2022, keep going!

  5. Great work! Chicken breast + pasta/rice/lentils are the best food for performance gains at least for me. So much good quality protein and not so many dense calories.

  6. Hey man, congratulations. I too lost quite a bit of weight in the past few years and I’m now fighting to be in a proper cyclist shape. c’mon!

  7. We are all rooting for you, Benji! Awesome progress so far. Have a great new years eve and I hope your journey goes well through the next year. Will be on the sidelines cheering! And perhaps it will motivate me to propel my own fitness journey

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