HasanAbi reacts to ‘Promising new weight loss medication in short supply’ Weight Loss

HasanAbi reacts to ‘Promising new weight loss medication in short supply’ #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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12 thoughts on “HasanAbi reacts to ‘Promising new weight loss medication in short supply’ Weight Loss”

  1. It’s not even just the insurance guys… it’s the fact that the FDA gives these brand name companies an exclusivity period after the patent is made. Semaglutide can be made generically YEARS AFTER the pharmaceutical company makes billions. Making drugs is cheap. Its the patents the pharmaceutical companies take advantage of that costs the most.

  2. 16:00 If that’s true, why do obesity rates change over time? Obesity in the USA skyrockets after WWII, that is, after a major shift in dietary habits following the industrialization of food and the advent of more aggressive forms of advertising. It could be true that genetics is the major cause (however you want to define cause) of obesity in either the pre-war or contemporary world, but that doesn’t explain why that cause contributes to radically different rates of obesity under different conditions. Blaming genetics for the rate of obesity is like blaming Mycobacterium tuberculosis for an outbreak of consumption caused by the abject conditions of 19th century capitalism (stealing the example from Richard Lewontin). In all cases, a person with tuberculosis will’ve been infected by the bacteria, but that doesn’t explain how or why that person and others became ill. And most people who are obese could have a genetic predisposition to be obese, but that alone doesn’t seem to tell us why so many people are obese now.

  3. I am convinced that they put weird stuff in the food we eat in America. There have been studies done on ethnic groups coming to America and gaining tons of weight even though they are eating the same foods. You have to eat organic foods and workout to maintain your current weight or to lose weight.

  4. 1:00 I don’t think she was being a dick, she was just asking a leading question for the doctor to explain her views on diet. edit: also it shows that this segment was paid for. Notice how the doctor is essentially saying “there’s nothing you can do on your own, so take this pill.”

  5. “People say they are eating healthy amounts and they are. What we need is a drug that keeps them from eating.”

    … something isn’t adding up here

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