Geno’s Weight Loss Journey | My 600-lb Life | TLC Weight Loss

Geno’s Weight Loss Journey | My 600-lb Life | TLC #weightloss Weight Loss

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Geno started his journey weighing a staggering 684 pounds but is finally ready to change his habits and turn his life around. With Geno’s hard work and unmatched family support, he has made serious progress and has lost 263 pounds. He has a lot more work to do, but he’s finally feeling better and taking this as a second chance to live his life the right way!

From Season 10, Episode 1: Geno and Nico’s Journey

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Geno’s Weight Loss Journey | My 600-lb Life | TLC

15 thoughts on “Geno’s Weight Loss Journey | My 600-lb Life | TLC Weight Loss”

  1. If you just eat eat eat eat eat eat eat and sit or lay down and being lazy without exercising or controlling on yourself that how you will become too fat unhealthy

  2. At 10:36 Mama speaking facts!! He just wanted his mother there so he could just lay up and do nothing so she can enable him… What a prick I’m glad mama held her ground

  3. I remember watching this episode, story. Geno and his cousin are very close and they both lost weight together.

    His mom enables him. He moved out and moved with his cousin and things started to change so much.

    Geno and his cousin worked together and encouraged each and they both lost weight and Geno even started to work out.

    They did move down to Texas to be closer to Dr. Now.

    I really love 💞 watching this episode. They really surprised Dr. Now 🎉

  4. Best of luck geno u can do it yes u cheering u on geno yeah try your best weight loss journey begins for u geno

  5. i hope he recovers from his ed and losing his excess weight for a brighter future! But i got a gastric bypass myself and still suffer from binge eating, so they need to know that the surgery isnt always successful. it is just a tool. It is all about committment

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