Fat Activists SHAME New Year Weight Loss Goals | Beatrice Caruso Weight Loss

Fat Activists SHAME New Year Weight Loss Goals | Beatrice Caruso #weightloss Weight Loss

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Today I wanted to touch on new year resolutions, many fat activists through the year will warn people not to lose weight. During the new year the turn that into hyper drive because diet companies are out here promoting intentional weight loss. I found it interesting that Beatrice Caruso openly says her new years resolution is a weight loss goal! In 2022, weight loss and goal is a big NO NO, to the fat activist community.

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20 thoughts on “Fat Activists SHAME New Year Weight Loss Goals | Beatrice Caruso Weight Loss”

  1. As an introvert, my New Years Resolution is to throw a party. If I throw just 1, I met my goal. (Thinking a spring time tea party)

  2. You know it’s gonna be a shit show when Tess the mess pops up. 🤦‍♀️

    “Lol be interesting, don’t lose weight, embrace the diabetes!” I wonder if people trying to lose weight just started answering with “I’m making a lifestyle change” which is what you actually need to lose weight, get healthy and maintain what the chunkers responses would be. No weight mentioned.

    MICHELLE. YOU HATE HIKING?! 🥺 Now I definitely wanna kick it with you for a day. One day we do the outdoor hike life ( like me) and the next we do gym like (kill me) like you. My body likes it when I switch it up and I fucking hate the gym. 😂

  3. Girl come to Jackson, WY for some country dancing and here nobody’s gonna even notice you’re “the black girl”. I was “the latina girl” for about 2 seconds bc they just wanna dance or get their drink on 😂. I’m from Jersey and when I moved here I was surprised how much more chill it is. The wild west is pretty cool and all up in here, you would change your mind about the hiking. I didn’t like it much either until I took a short one here and fell in love with the surroundings. Now it’s winter and I can’t wait until it warms up again to discover new ones.
    Thank you for encouraging mind opening choices and sipping up a taste of outside our comfort zone. We may find that we will gulp down the whole mug with more gusto than we thought. Your videos are a treat and add some zing in the am’s for me chica. Gracias forever 🙏💜💪🏼

  4. As someone who considers themselves fit, I don’t make new year’s resolutions. I change when I need to change, and I don’t wait for a new year to change. But, I do have stock answers for other people, this year it’s to dress better.

  5. For those who want to start reading books, or just increase your reading speed pick up something juicy that really gets you sucked in. When I was in college I wanted to increase my reading volume so I picked up graphic novels. Then I wanted to increase my reading speed, so I picked up short sci fi novels and simple romance novelas. Works like magic. Whatever you do don’t force yourself to read something cause you think you should (unless it’s required reading obvi!)

  6. I’m not afraid to say it I spent Christmas alone lol. It felt SO gd not having to worry about the “so what are you doing with ur life” “when are u having children” “what you mean u don’t wanna go university” and those damn disappointed looks was I lonely ngl a lil but I stuffed myself with yummy foodies and watched movies and enjoyed my self new years I had alcohol more food and watch fire works and watched some twitch streams 😍👌🏾 hope everyone else had a good holiday

  7. Life advice according to my grandmother: don’t trust people who don’t like nature. Don’t trust people who don’t read.
    Guess I can never trust Michelle lol :/

  8. I was scared you where coming for Beatrice and my heart was gonna break, because she’s the one who lead me to you. Lol

  9. Totally agree with avoiding giving information to others about what we do. People nowadays are just looking for things to be bothered and even the good ones can cause idiocy and jealousy. Keep going with your learning, Michelle!! That’s great!

  10. I just don’t get why these people care so much about someone’s personal new years goals. They aren’t involving you in their goals so who cares what they say? These people must scroll on Tiktok just to get pissed off which is….sad.

  11. My diet just happened to start in January. My doctor and family were pushing me towards the weight loss surgery. Which I’d rather not do, so that motivated me to get serious.

  12. I don’t have any resolutions now I’m fit! Woohoo!
    I’m with you on learning new things. It’s for you, you’re a grownup, take your time, and go at a comfortable pace because there’re no looming tests.

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