Fasting Mistakes Causing Weight Gain! – What To Eat & When To Eat For Weight Loss | Dr. Mindy Pelz Weight Loss

Fasting Mistakes Causing Weight Gain! – What To Eat & When To Eat For Weight Loss | Dr. Mindy Pelz #weightloss Weight Loss

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16 thoughts on “Fasting Mistakes Causing Weight Gain! – What To Eat & When To Eat For Weight Loss | Dr. Mindy Pelz Weight Loss”

  1. I never got into ketosis for 20 months because being diabetic with a Hba1c of 9 when I started intermittent fasting I always released glucose from my stores. It only started when I got my Hba1c down to below 6 and got off the diabetic medication did it work the way it should. Now my Hba1c is 5.5 and it is so much easier. I love how sharp my brain is no long rambling word salads improved wit and clear memory recall. My advice if diabetic stick to it even though I was not in ketosis I lost weight as my body had to find the glucose from my reserves.

  2. So how much chicken and broccoli was he eating? If only once a day and nothing else, surely that would be beneficial with the large gap between meals?

    Boring and bland but beneficial nonetheless.

    Maybe I’m wrong.

    Thank you Dr.Pelz for all your guidance and information.

  3. Dear Dr. Mindy, I’ve been following “Fast Like a Girl” and am interested in getting into some deeper fasts. (I’m prepared after years of clean eating and IF.) My problem is that after 36 hours, my blood sugar goes to the place where you say to break the fast. But I want to do a three day fast. What gives? Thank you.

  4. Everyone at the gym tells me, eat a balanced meal 3 times a day workout daily and you’ll see, you’ll lose weight. Did it for many years and my body type did not lose it but gained weight. I switched over and read “Fast like a Girl”, applied it’s teachings and I’ve lost 30+ pounds in a few months and have gained a lot of muscle and worked out still. I’m sticking to fasting and “Fast Like a Girl” teachings.

  5. Electrolytes needed by everyone Fasting and not fasting!⬅➡4x as much potassium as sodium is needed(Potass 4-1 sodium). The average person has this switched😬. They usually have a sodium-to-potassium ratio of 1:4. They’re very light on potassium & very heavy on sodium intake🥴. Normal potassium level tests check the blood outside the cell. Only 2% of potassium reserves are present outside the cell. 98% of potassium is inside the cells & the tests don’t look there. A special test(called Potassium RBC test) for intracellular potassium is needed to really see the potassium levels. ⚠Potassium supplementation not good for Kidney Disease or if someone has high Potassium so consult with an MD…..

  6. During my fast I gained all the weight back that I had lost during this past year that I worked my ass off for. I also had headaches everyday for 4 weeks straight, nothing worked. I went to my doctor and she said it’s not a problem to try fasting, but its not for everyone. I ate super healthy and I tried all tips for getting rid of headaches but it didnt work. I had to stop.. it was a very sad reality. I know fasting works great for some, but not for me. It was especially hard gaining everything back, eventho I was doing everything I was supposed to, because I already have this unknown problem that causing me to have no energy, ever. My doctors can’t figure out what it is either. So the fact that I even went to the gym every other day and worked out multiple hours and lost a tiny bit of weight during months of trying, just to gain it al back in 2 weeks is crazy..😢 if anybody has tips, let me know x

  7. I feel soooo much better’s in late fasting hours ,then I eat and feel lousy for next 6 hrs . Food doesn’t even taste good anymore .

  8. At about 41 hours of fasting (tried to do a 72 hour fast twice now) I start to feel pretty terrible. Wondering if I should take flax oil at about 40 hours to try to push through?

  9. Can u do a video that explains how to count up protein grams? When u say 30grms of protein you mean the protein in the meat not the weight of the meat itself ? Not sure what 30gms looks like but I’m thinking ur not talking about a tablespoon of ground beef like u measure the spoonful of nutbutter with ghee. Maybe it’s just me – the whole protein measurement thing has always mystified me lol plus protein content varies in different meat..probably thinking too much but wouldn’t want to waste fasting by eating too much of it.. Have a great day 🤗

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