Fasting Does Not Work for Long Term Weight Loss – I Call BS on this… Weight Loss

Fasting Does Not Work for Long Term Weight Loss – I Call BS on this… #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Fasting is Not Sustainable – I Call BS

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0:00 – Intro – Fasting is Not Sustainable – I Call BS
0:43 – Get LMNT Electrolytes & Receive a FREE Sample Flavors Pack!
1:32 – Fasting with or without a low-carb diet
5:47 – Sustainability is the Most Important Thing

20 thoughts on “Fasting Does Not Work for Long Term Weight Loss – I Call BS on this… Weight Loss”

  1. As always, I will harp on not using confusing terminology. Let’s just decide to call it what it is: time-restricted eating. I’m assuming that’s what you mean (and the study authors mean) by ‘intermittent fasting.’ But in my book, something done every day is not intermittent. There are many listening to this that already know about the confusing equivalency between TRE and IF in this community, but some won’t. It might seem like a minor point, but I think proper definitions aren’t minor points.

  2. Not surprised that fasting is getting bashed. No one really understands it when you are adept at fasting. It’s because once you defeat fatty liver and other problems with carbohydrate addiction it becomes easier to adhere to you fasts.

    There is an acclimatization period that people don’t understand. You have to do the work to make fasting work.

  3. I call BS for this reason: People were asked to change to LCHF _and_ IF at the same time, and that’s too much. If you start with LCHF, and then do IF later, it’s effortless.

  4. Not sustainable? Yeah sure, not sustainable for the food industry and the big pharma, especially the breakfast industry, if all people were to fast, nobody would buy their “healthy” cereals, and for the big pharma, way less people would be sick or need their drugs, so yeah, the study is quite right. Best.

  5. I do keto with IF. True keto for me means lots of green vegitables and a quality protein and a bit of fat. I.F. is not hard to stay with but the key is a sufficient not over doing the fats but you need fat to do I.F. without getting hungry. I also do 96 hour LT fasts every two months. I have lived this for three years no problem. I lost 220 pounds and 16 inches off the waiste in 30 months. It is sustainable and it is good for you.

  6. I live by ETRF, 18-6. I eat a low carb, low calorie, moderate protein diet. (Gotta keep protein low, having only one transplanted kidney.) I’ve phased out ALL processed foods. (It helps that I’m a trained chef!) I also walk a minimum of 10,000 steps per day, and work out with resistance bands, 3 X per week. I’m burning visceral fat, maintaining muscle mass, and my kidney function has improved. People in my social circle know that I don’t eat after 3 pm, so I don’t get grief when they invite me to evening dinners, and all I have is water or unsweetened iced tea.

  7. I just started IF 16:8 with Keto and I have found that it has been easier to do than anything else I have tried.

  8. IF is the best real world diet. When work stress, parenting, and other difficulties we call life show up, fasting holds the line (and makes it easier to handle them in my case). It’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. I lasted one day on calorie/portion control. Lasting for 8 years running on IF through thick and thin, so far. I attempt “fitness bro” forays into other things, but in hectic times I always fall back onto OMAD without feeling like I’ve given up

  9. I absolutely agree with everything you just said–but I would like to add one more thought. IF is really pretty easy to stick to-unless your overall diet still has sugars and refined grains (processed foods) in it. IF then becomes really hard to sustain because you find yourself hungry all the time. My own experience has been that if I don’t cut out sugar sources (including fruit) and refined grains then I am just crazy hungry all the time. Cutting those things out means about a week or ten days of withdrawal but smooth sailing after that. Thanks for the video-I’m sharing it with several friends who are just beginning to explore the idea.

  10. I just think we need to quit OVER Thinking everything and stop trying to be/eat “Perfectly” 24/7/365. No one is going to give us a gold medal if we NEVER “cheat”, or maybe go overboard on “bad” cards once in a blue moon. Our bodies are a lot tougher and adaptable than we think or realize. Not saying to not try the best we can to eat as healthy as possible as much, and as often as we can; but let’s not stress ourselves out so much that the anxiety causes more issues or problems than whatever we may be worrying about actually would.

    Not to mention that what would be so awful about combining a number of these eating/fasting protocols? Keep the body guessing while we allow ourselves to enjoy a variety of eating styles. That way we literally can have our cake, and eat it too. (Again once in a blue moon regarding the actual cake part) but you get my point. That way I think it would be very difficult to get bored, or not be able to sustain since we’re actually changing things up every so often.
    Just a thought.

  11. Intermittent fasting is not sustainable???

    *laughs in 3 years of doing prolonged (fasting for 72 hours every 6 months) fast*


  12. I did try intermittent fasting 4 years ago and still doing it till this day
    Its the only thing that help me lose weight

  13. They missed ONE critical point the purpose of intermittent fasting:
    Let the body rest from insulin. This is a powerful weapon to fix insulin resistance and kill off junk food craving.

  14. I do 20/4, Ketovore. Ive lost 51 lbs in 5 months. Never felt better. Labs look great with only a slight rise in LDL. Ratios are great though. Fasting glucose is 83. This is completely sustainable for me. Good luck everyone

  15. how the hell do people really think its not sustainable. 16 hour fasting is easier than eating during the same time. Lol

  16. I used to love IF until I learned that older females need a BUNCH of animal protein and it’s best to NOT eat it as OMAD, but to spread it out over 3 or 4 meals I can barely eat 130 grams of animal protein in 4 meals

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