“EXCESSIVE WEIGHT LOSS” ⚠ パワー most DEADLY fat burner ever! [UNISEX] Weight Loss

“EXCESSIVE WEIGHT LOSS” ⚠ パワー most DEADLY fat burner ever! [UNISEX] #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? this subliminal audio is produced to BREAK DOWN ALL YOUR BODY FAT FOR AN IMMEDIATE WEIGHT LOSS after only one listen! it’s DANGEROUSLY POWERFUL so please USE WITH CARE! please refer to the benefits below for more details.



[it‘s a subliminals bundle of all of my powerful & strongest weight loss + fat burner + get skinny / slim (face and body) + fast metabolism + fast digestion] WITH SAFETY AFFIRMATIONS!

スリーツーワン BENEFITS!
✧༝┉ FORCED SKINNY BODY! burn all undesired body fat instantly!
✧༝┉ FORCED EXCESSIVELY SLIM DOWN TO 0%! permanently RELEASE ANY STUBBORN FAT & BLOCK fat forever right away [naturally stay skinny]
✧༝┉ FORCED STAY SLIM & FIT regardless of what you eat or drink (or consume)
✧༝┉ DEADLY POWERFUL WEIGHT REDUCTION/DECREASE IN 1X LISTEN! extreme mind reprogrammation to easily & effortlessly lose weight immediately
✧༝┉ LOSE WEIGHT DOING ANYTHING! breathing, blinking, moving, talking, each heartbeat, smiling, literally anything makes you SKINNIER/THINNER immediately!
✧༝┉ LOSE TONS OF POUNDS! naturally; without even trying & faster than your expectations! (safe & healthy results only!)
✧༝┉ GET LIGHTER EACH SECOND! feel and be lighter physically & mentally + love your own body + boost body positivity & self-esteem/self-love!
✧༝┉ IDEAL BODY! ideal body liposuction & fat transfer/removal + ideal weight, shape, size, dimension, slimness, muscles, skin elasticity, flexibility, etc!
✧༝┉ HEALTHILY UNDERSIZED BODY! affirmations for a healthy, toned, fit, safe & strong skinny slim body! [get & maintain a healthy weight + size after extreme weight loss]
✧༝┉ EXCESSIVELY BOOST METABOLISM! faster, speedy & powerful metabolism and digestion! + fast calories burning & break down fat more quickly!
✧༝┉ EXCESSIVELY LOWER FAT % + SLIM FACE! slimmer & more defined face (sharp jaw, free from double chin, etc) + remove unwanted water retention + genetically skinny!
✧༝┉ GET RID OF BAD HABITS! free from binge eating, emotional eating, get full fast, eat healthier, good diet, motivation to workout/go to the gym, etc!
✧༝┉ PERMANENT RESULTS! changes dna & genes for instant & forever weight loss!

SUBLIMINALS are POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS HIDDEN in the AUDIO that only your SUBCONSCIOUS can perceive. After listening, your unconscious mind ACCEPTS the suggestions as TRUE and MANIFESTS your thoughts INTO REALITY!

Subliminal audios DO NOT replace any treatment or medical care.
Subliminals are a tool for manifestation. Please respect people who practice it.

♡ everyone can listen (unisex, poc and lgbtq+ friendly)
♡ you can block affs you don’t want (only desired results)
♡ you can listen on headphones, earbuds & speakers at any volume you want
♡ you can listen as many times & at any speed as you wish
♡ FORCED, positive & safe affirmations only
♡ results are complete & permanent
♡ no universe or god-related affirmations
♡ with ‘SILENT BUT DEADLY’ formula!

notice: ‘silent but deadly’ contains every other past formulas used on this channel.


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  1. Never updated on any subs before. Let’s try!
    Update 1- Feeling a bit of tingles here and there.. Gonna sleep after listening for a while.

  2. Listened to it on loop for an hour..and damnnnn, this is far beond my ideal desired body…The best gift before new year..Thankssssss Krysta..Lysmmm🥺🥺✨❤️🌎

  3. Some Affs
    I am 120 pounds
    I am 120 pounds
    My body morphs to my desires
    My body morphs to my desires
    I get results fast
    I get results fast
    I have a flat belly with abs
    I have a flat belly with abs
    My thigh gap is huge
    My thigh gap is huge
    I have a fatless back
    I have a fatless back
    I am immune to gaining weight
    I am immune to gaining weight
    Everyone is jealous of my skinny body
    Everyone is jealous of my skinny body
    I don’t chase I attract
    555✨ 111💖 333💕

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