Eating Only 23pts! What I Eat On WEIGHT WATCHERS for WEIGHT LOSS | WW Easy Low Point Meal Ideas! Weight Loss

Eating Only 23pts! What I Eat On WEIGHT WATCHERS for WEIGHT LOSS | WW Easy Low Point Meal Ideas! #weightloss Weight Loss

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What I Would Do! Eating Only 23pts! What I Eat On WEIGHT WATCHERS for WEIGHT LOSS! Including WW Easy Low Point Meal Ideas! I’m Lauren! Plus Size Mom of 2, who lost 80lbs on WW. On my channel you’ll find Recipes, Grocery Hauls, Day in the Life Vlogs and all about my journey to being a healthier mom, while living a life of balance! Sharing my rebooted Postpartum weight loss journey after Baby #2 along with how I’m getting back on track to keep on my goals of being a healthy, happy Mama for my family after baby!

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17 thoughts on “Eating Only 23pts! What I Eat On WEIGHT WATCHERS for WEIGHT LOSS | WW Easy Low Point Meal Ideas! Weight Loss”

  1. Sharing my fav tips for eating low point on WW! It is possible, even with only 23pts! And I didn’t even dip into weeklies, so there would be room to add some of those higher point meals/splurges on occasion so you don’t feel deprived! Thanks for watching!

  2. Lauren this was an awesome video and very helpful! I would love to see more ideas that you have in the 23 point range.

  3. I love your vibe, I love your recipes, I am much older than you , I could probably be your mother but there is so much diet culture out there that can give you an eating disorder. I struggle every day, but you cheer me up and make me keep on going. Thank you for all you do especially with a baby and toddler, I don’t know where you find the time but I am glad you do. xoxox. Patti from Long Island, New York and we absolutely have the best bagels and Pizza and Chinese food on the Planet so many temptations

  4. I would love to see you do this point allotment for and extended period of time like a week or two, you’re always so creative!

  5. Really enjoyed this vlog and would love to see more. I need to get back on track as I have gained back 30 pds after being LT.

  6. I’m down almost 26 lbs with a 23 point allotment per day. It is definitely attainable and I don’t feel deprived at all ❤️. Love your video content so much

  7. Yes 2005 I was told to stop ww and do eat clean diet. Then jump back on ww when I was 160. This is more reality of exactly what you should be eating I was set at 13 points to lose 17 to maintain . The coffee issue was very difficult. Exactly what I did a cappuccino slimfast. But I dud eat alot of veg like sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, lettuces, fresh low sugar berries, eggs, black beans & corn & lime so nice. Don’t forget veg in cans and frozen fill that day as if you are fueling & each item healed a dying person to heal a disease or something. Which I was. Lol. Once I got my mind & exercise at a top level to run I went back to ww. I was ill with a specifc heart disease. So i was sometimes eating just to cure that body. But i was with a endocrinology & heart dr 3 times a week. We pulled it down in 7 months. It was so necessary. Long term is often better on the mind but i literally had no life points left. I was in serious danger. Good job. Everyone needs to have 3 days a week where they push it physically or drop those points or take 1 wellness day cleansing, hydrating, massage, & stretching with yoga. A body needs each.

  8. Lauren stop that little portion crap
    . Go keto , carnivore.. big ass steak and 4 eggs large avacado. Sea salt… What the hell is wrong with you all….. Stupid.. EAT

  9. I remember being on 18 points with WW almost 20 years ago. It was possible because of the free veg and fruit. WW is great. Love your channel

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