Dietitian WEIGHT LOSS Day of Eating DRIVEN ep. 09 #weightloss Weight Loss

Dietitian WEIGHT LOSS Day of Eating DRIVEN ep. 09 #weightloss #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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As a dietitian I feel there is no single way one should diet to lose weight. I always try to choose the most healthy SUSTAINABLE way for myself and clients to lose weight and I wanted to share my weight loss full day of eating with you all.
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I am a Registered Dietitian and WNBF Bikini Pro providing science based information to help you live a fit and healthy life. My passion for nutrition and fitness is strong but I also have a very strong passion for fashion. You will see I have many fashion try on hauls providing you with some of the most detailed information you can get!

14 thoughts on “Dietitian WEIGHT LOSS Day of Eating DRIVEN ep. 09 #weightloss Weight Loss”

  1. This was fun. Thank you. In the old days I had a gym membership, and I worked out 6 days per week. Mostly lifting. With life’s circumstances currently, I’m not able to do so. I care for my elderly mom in my home, and my husband is battling cancer that has metastasized. I do stay fit though. I hope someday to get back in gym.

  2. I eat a serving of cottage cheese with a serving of mint jelly for dessert at night. Happy to hear it’s good before bed. 😃 My mom told me about blending cottage cheese and making ice cream out of it. But I prefer the consistency of cottage cheese the way it is.

  3. YES!!! It would be awesome to hear your current thoughts on an older FDOE! I would be curious to hear how you would do things now. 😊

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