Dietitian Eats Like MEGAN FOX for a Day (5 Factor Weight Loss Diet plus …. MGK’s BLOOD?!) Weight Loss

Dietitian Eats Like MEGAN FOX for a Day (5 Factor Weight Loss Diet plus …. MGK’s BLOOD?!) #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Hey everyone I’m Abbey Sharp welcome to Abbey’s Kitchen. In todays video, we will be talking about what it’s like when I try to attempt to eat like Megan Fox for a day.

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Contribution by Giselle Segovia RD, MHSc

20 thoughts on “Dietitian Eats Like MEGAN FOX for a Day (5 Factor Weight Loss Diet plus …. MGK’s BLOOD?!) Weight Loss”

  1. You have helped me so much with my relationship with food, I have become more comfortable and able to gain the 10 lbs. that I needed to gain. Forever grateful.

  2. I don’t think quinoa should be mushy if you don’t want it to be. I’ve mainly had it in premade food, but it’s always been a lot less goopy than your average rice. As for bland, I’d say it’s less bland than the big three of potatoes, pasta, and rice. I wouldn’t eat it unseasoned, though.

    That said, it’s only one of a wide variety of options for grains. If it’s not your thing, that’s cool.

  3. I love when my spouse makes quinoa! He fries up fresh garlic in olive oil, then puts in the quinoa and toasts it for a couple minutes, then puts in veggie broth for the liquid. (I think he also puts in salt, pepper, curry, and cumin)

  4. I feel like Meghan is punishing herself for being so gorgeous. Like that’s enough, why enjoy any meal at any time ever?

    Great episode! Thank you!

  5. Hi Abbey! Loved this video. Poppy is so cute supporting you during your workout. I wanted to ask if you would consider doing a video specifically about tips to increase your protein in your diet, especially for those who don’t consume much meat/dairy. Maybe in the same format as your videos on how to gain/lose weight.

    It would be so helpful to me and I’m sure many others!

  6. Would love to see you do a vegan “what I eat in a day” that you consider healthy. Additionally meal prep lunches and breakfasts would be super helpful. Love your videos.

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