DAILY VLOG – Lose The Belly | My Weight Loss Journey To Under 200lbs Weight Loss

DAILY VLOG – Lose The Belly | My Weight Loss Journey To Under 200lbs #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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HW: 252lbs | 114kg
CW: 213 | 96.6 kg
Height: 5’3.5

Helloooo ♡ I’m Ashley, and 2022 is my self proclaimed glow up year. Im on a mission to become my best self and I encourage you to do the same 💖
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⇢ 2021-2022 Year Transformation – https://youtu.be/mr2q_DEMcZE
⇢ My Journey & Motivation – https://youtu.be/53YqzhyGtOI
⇢ Self Improvement & Glow up – https://youtu.be/K8v8tmvX5SE
⇢ Measurements & Body Changes – https://youtu.be/XovtsX7VrzY
⇢ Where I started – https://youtu.be/byTTkUPTB9Q
⇢ Being the Fat Friend – https://youtu.be/NzfScfjnd68
⇢ Failing to lose weight – https://youtu.be/xeBM-Z0fAiU
⇢ *Finally* losing weight – https://youtu.be/OnIHOS88kMk
⇢ Powerlifting & Strength – https://youtu.be/jjAa_NwuDX4
⇢ The Best thing I’ve done – https://youtu.be/UHaDMGRXtts


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⇢ What do you use to track your calories

⇢ Where do you live?
I’m an American living in London.

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20 thoughts on “DAILY VLOG – Lose The Belly | My Weight Loss Journey To Under 200lbs Weight Loss”

  1. I must admit I’m a crasher. I will use juicing to detox and drop weight especially the closer I get to a scale victory. I absolutely love your discipline and patience with yourself. Go Ashley 🗣️🗣️🗣️💕🙏🏾

  2. I’m so excited! I’m doing this with you! Getting back on track after many indulgences these past couple of months! – thank you for sharing your journey and your determination!

  3. Hey girl, I would like to know which calorie calculator you use, I get so many varied results. But you’re consistently losing weight so I would trust that source. Thanks. 😊

  4. If you ever filmed a short documentary of anything I will watch it! You know how to capture /tell a story like no other! I love it!

  5. Loving this idea of daily vlogging. I’m cheering for you! I think you’ll be at your goal before two months. Have you considered reducing dairy? Seems like you eat cheese at almost every meal. I reduced dairy and saw the scale move a little faster without any other changes to my diet.

  6. I commend you and am certainly following your journey. We are built similarly and to see you getting it IN!!!! With a larger bust….like myself, is no joke. I have no excuse. Positive vibes your way and I’m gonna join you on my own personal quest to weight loss. 2023 is yours❤

  7. So excited for you and your goals you are doing that!!! I did make it to One-Derland last year for the 1st time since I was 18 years old, which I am now 61 years young and trying to get back there and beyond to my goal weight of 175 Im 5’8 dont want to be skinny just want to be away from them 200s 🙂 I was 319 lbs now Im 203, I was soo close to my goal weight last year October, I was 187, but I did it before and will do it by March which is my goal to get there by then. not looking for a quick fix just want it to come off slow because Slow will be better to stay off longer.. Its A LifeStyle way of Living for me…. Can you share the reason and benefits for you taking the Cod Liver Oil? were they recommended to you by your Dr? Thanks for your response.. Keep up the great work

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