custom diet plan | The Perfect Weight Loss Meal Plan To Get Lean 4 Steps Weight Loss

custom diet plan | The Perfect Weight Loss Meal Plan To Get Lean 4 Steps #weightloss Weight Loss

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Are you frustrated with poor low-calorie, low-nutritious fat loss diet plans that are out there? Say no more. In this video, I walk you through the simple 4-step procedure of creating your personalized weight loss diet that you can stick to.

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Are you frustrated with poor low-calorie, unnutritious fat loss diets out there? Say no more. This article will will guide you through the easy 4-step procedure of creating your own personal weight loss program that you’ll actually stick to.

In just four easy steps, you’ll be able to create an individual diet plan to lose weight that’s designed specifically for you and your taste senses. This is what we’ll accomplish with each step:

Figure out your calorie goals

Figure out your protein goals

Find out the number of meals you need to be eating.

Complete each of the meals above by supplying specific foods

When you’re done with this video, you’ll have an option to design a myriad of menu plans that you’ll actually adhere to.

Step 1: Setting Your Weight Loss Meal Plan Calories

This is by far the most vital element if we wish for the diet plan to be effective. There’s no reason to include any food item to our diet in the absence of knowing how many calories you’ll need to take in to lose weight. Today, the majority of calculators for calories available are a shot out of the shadows. They don’t account for:

How much muscle do you have

How much do you move each day?

If you do or not

Your age, gender and your height

All of these factors affect how much calories you burn each day.

However, don’t be concerned. This method will require only a few steps that take all these variables into consideration. It’s also the simplest method for you to establish the ideal calorie count for your food strategy.

To keep you from monotonous math, we’ve put the calculations for you in the meal planner builder that we designed for users to download. Within a matter of minutes of using it, you’ll be able to have your ideal calories calculated to your specifications.

Step 2: Determining Protein Intake

After calories, the most important aspect of your weight loss strategy is the amount of protein it is made up of. You should include enough protein to sustain your muscle mass while you shed weight. If you eat too little protein and you’ll be at risk of losing muscles.

The decision to aim at the lower or the higher portion of this range it will all depend on the fat content of your body. People with higher body fat will need less protein.

We’ve made this calculation automated for you with the meal plan creator which you can download. The majority of people will be able to achieve the goal of 1 milligram for every pound of your body weight. For instance, you could set a goal for 180g of protein, if you weigh 180 pounds.

Once you’ve got that number, the only thing we have to do before filling your diet plan to lose weight with food is figure out the amount of meals you’ll need to be eating.

Step 3: Determining Number Of Daily Meals

The amount of food you consume each day will depending on the type of food you eat determine:

How many calories are there and

How much protein is there?

… It is included in every food. While eating more often is thought to increase your metabolism but this has not been proven.

However, the frequency of protein is a key factor in limiting the risk of losing muscle mass as you shed fat. There’s a range of ideal levels you should stay within. It’s approximately 3 to 6 high-protein meals a day, with each meal separated by a couple of hours.

Personal preferences are crucial. Do you like eating more food during smaller portions? Or , do the order taking fewer meals however, more often? What you choose will:

Best suit your schedule AND

You will feel full and energetic throughout the day.

After you’ve decided on the amount of meals you’d like to consume take your protein intake and divide it equally across the total number of meals. Let’s take for example that you’re aiming eating 180g of protein. You prefer eating five meals per day. In the end, you’d like to get around 35g of protein every meal.

Step 4: Filling In Your Weight Loss Meal Plan

It’s now time to get the exciting part. Incorporating your meal plan to lose weight!. In this moment some of you might be thinking, “What about carbs and fats? How much of those should I eat?”

It’s a good inquiry. Numerous studies have evaluated the effects of

Diets high in carbs (more than potatoes, rice and even bread) but with less fats (like butters, oils as well as cheese) VERSUS


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