Chris’s Weight Loss Journey | My 600-lb Life | TLC Weight Loss

Chris’s Weight Loss Journey | My 600-lb Life | TLC #weightloss Weight Loss

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Every day it gets harder and harder for Chris to get out of bed, and if he doesn’t make a change soon, his health is only going to get worse. Eating is a source of comfort for Chris, and once he starts, he can’t stop. Realizing that he needs to make a change for the sake of his health and his daughter, Chris decides to take action and get his life back on track. With the help of Dr. Now’s plan, Chris is able to lose an impressive 139 pounds and is well on his way to getting back to his old self!

From Season 11, Episode 7: “Chris P’s Journey”

#My600lblife #TLC #Weightlossjourney

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Chris P’s Weight Loss Journey | My 600-lb Life | TLC

17 thoughts on “Chris’s Weight Loss Journey | My 600-lb Life | TLC Weight Loss”

  1. I like Chris he’s so nice wonderful kind just a good guy I love how he talks you can tell he don’t have a mean bone in his body he’s wonderful sweet kind guy this black woman says we need more Christie’s in this world he’s wonderful he makes my blood pressure go down just listening to him talk he’s soft spoken nice kind he’s like a chubby angel I really wish him luck he’s made my day his daughter has a good kind dad

  2. All these over weight people say mom and dad devorsed or I got molested or are family was big and if you dident get yours it was gone all of us had all of these same things happen to us also we ant get fat so just for once tell the truth someone and just say I like to eat that’s all no excuises

  3. Some of the questions Dr. Now is asking sound like he is trying to find out what clicked for Chris so maybe he can use that to help others.

  4. I really hope he stuck with the healthier lifestyle changes. Even if he did decide he needed the surgery though. He’s come a long way and I hope he’s proud of himself and doing well now.

  5. Yes he can. . surgery is the easy way out.. this man is willing to fight the fight. I just know he’ll do it..orher people have why not him.

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