Bodybuilder Reacts to Amberlynn Reid LIVE – Weight Loss Surgery Drama Weight Loss

Bodybuilder Reacts to Amberlynn Reid LIVE – Weight Loss Surgery Drama #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Bodybuilder Reacts to Amberlynn Reid LIVE – Weight Loss Surgery Drama

Amber’s video:

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18 thoughts on “Bodybuilder Reacts to Amberlynn Reid LIVE – Weight Loss Surgery Drama Weight Loss”

  1. Having a panic attack over those news? Sounds a bit like a child throwing a tantrum because mum told her that she’ll have to wait until the weekend to get the candy. And yes, I know panic attacks can be triggered by weird things. This just fits really well into her need of instant gratification and her iwanteverythingasap😤

  2. Missed the stream, but I think its good that she didn’t get approved for surgery right now. She’s obviously not in a space where it would be good for her, it might even harm her. (I don’t typically watch AR content but I like your content so I watch mostly for you) I know people who got the surgery and 3 years later had ruined it because they didn’t address the psychological issues that brough them to this point. Some people can never get better, because they can’t get themselves out of the pain mentality. Suffering feels safer then the unknown of being better… which might be an odd concept but some people are terrified because the suffering is all they know.

    I’m also working on my summer body, aiming for some toning this year. (I have loose skin so I’m trying to see what I can do before I look at surgery options).

  3. She GREATLY underestimates her size. I don’t care if you don’t have one very specific trait of BED, you do not get to almost 600 lbs without an eating disorder. Boo hoo you didn’t get the surgery after 1 month just because you can pay out if pocket 🙄

  4. She quit four or five “diets” in 2022 alone. Including one prescribed for health reasons. Technically, she has quit one plan already in 2023 – she said no take out for 30 days in a week changed it to take out only once a week. She only started the diet plan for the surgery about a week ago. But considers she has done everything and put in the work.
    IMHO – she is not in the head space to get surgery. The clinic probably wants to see if she can stick to a plan because what they told her to do is for the rest of her life and she has not been able to last a month so far. And her breakdown in front of the nutritionist proved to that person that she was not ready.

  5. I laughed at the “change my anatomy” part. Lol That’s news to me and I had WLS. Did my surgeon chang my stomach into a liver? 😱

  6. Her psychiatrist shouldn’t need to refer her for an ADHD diagnosis… after filling out the test, you can submit it to your doctor or psychiatrist, the latter being the best option. Ultimately, your psychiatrist is who comes up with your ADHD management plan upon diagnosis.

  7. I do 4K steps on my rest days and I have a remote desk job. So maybe she is. It’s not hard to reach that goal at all. But this is amber and she lies nonstop so who knows

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