Ariana Grande’s Weight Loss Is CONCERNING.. (what’s going on?) Weight Loss

Ariana Grande’s Weight Loss Is CONCERNING.. (what’s going on?) #weightloss Weight Loss

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Ariana Grande’s Weight Loss Is CONCERNING.. (what’s going on?)

For those of you who don’t know, people have been bullying Ariana Grande for losing a lot of weight?

well, have gotten worse you guys, because not only are people now concerned for Ariana and her health, but they’re also accusing her of having an ED and comparing her weight loss to Eugenia Cooney….


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19 thoughts on “Ariana Grande’s Weight Loss Is CONCERNING.. (what’s going on?) Weight Loss”

  1. As someone who is very skinny and ppl often say they “you look like a stick “ and “ your too skinny “ I think you guys should just leave her alone because it’s probably just annoying her like it does to me

  2. i feel so bad for ari. ariana has always been such a lovely person but still has been continuously bullied for her weight in the past few years, and if she does have an ed then bullying her will NOT make anything better for her, if anything it will probably make her mental health worse. i really hope shes okay.

  3. PLEASE leave her alone . she’s a woman that has been through A LOT … she ALWAYS WAS skinny … she just LOST FAT 😐 please stop posting these .

  4. i feel like it doesnt really matter what a celeb does with their body cause at the end of the day ppl are going to hate or shame that celeb ppl cant please every one whether or not ur famous and dont have a models body every one is perfect a beautiful in their own ways ari is a prime example she was shamed for gaining weight and decided to lose some of it and was still shamed and called skinny just remember that EVERY ONE is their own shape and size and they decide to change it then thats on them to decide not the public have a good day to who ever reading this <3

  5. People need to stop coming after Ari. So what she lost weight? Would these people rather see her weigh 200 pounds? Just stop it already! This is getting really old, really fast. You do you, Ari. Don’t let these damn haters dampen your beautiful soul.

  6. Ari looses weight people are like: oh my god she’s so skinny
    Ari gains weight people are like: oh my god so fat
    Nowadays People are so judgy on the outer appearance they just forgot to look inside of a human being, It’s high time people should accept Ari the way she is ❤ I love Ari 💕

  7. Can u pls stop this Anna I usually don’t comment but please stop posting this repeatedly just for money this is not ok

  8. These people doesn’t have any right to bully someone of of they’re weight or how they look we don’t know what is going on is her personal life or behind the camera I loki feel bad for ari

  9. Sad how people will tell fat people to eat less and skinny people to eat more.
    Like just stop, people have different metabolism

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