Amberlynn’s weight loss (gain*) journey in 2022 Weight Loss

Amberlynn’s weight loss (gain*) journey in 2022 #weightloss Weight Loss

#weightloss #weightlosspills #weightlosstea

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Amberlynn’s weight loss (gain*) journey in 2022

In this video we take a look at Amberlynn’s weight loss and weight gain in 2022, upload dates of the weigh ins are included.

Amberlynn Reid:
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19 thoughts on “Amberlynn’s weight loss (gain*) journey in 2022 Weight Loss”

  1. So from the 1st week in September to the middle of December (14 weeks approx) she managed to pile on almost SIXTY POUNDS!!??! She is a disgrace.

  2. What an insane transformation! The only thing our gorl lost was the views from her haydurs because she’s boring af now. 🤪😍

  3. reflecting on my 2022 isnt weight related but i changed my life alot, cut off horrible people and finally started uni offically

  4. The amount of food it must take to gain 19 lbs in 10 days while ALREADY weighing over 500 is mind boggling to think about.
    I used to weigh 315 lbs (for weight lifting purposes) and I had to eat so much to maintain that weight that I never felt hungry and whenever it was meal time I was having to force myself. I can’t even begin to imagine what our gorl eats in a binge.

  5. Just did some calculations from her at her heaviest weight (that I know of). She was about 560 at 5’2 which is a BMI of about 103 and I’d venture to say she has probably weighed upwards of 560 without telling people. The highest documented BMI in history was 105. It’s insane how she is so deep in denial to the extent she doesn’t realize she is one of the most unhealthy people that has ever lived on the planet in human existence. She should be constantly living in absolute terror until she loses about 400 lbs. It’s absolutely terrifying how addiction can completely delude you.

  6. imo amber doesn’t want to do better. I think she says it because it sounds good in videos. she knows her losing weight is something we all want for her. Weight loss is definitely hard, no doubt about it but it’s even harder when you DON’T try. People go in weight loss journeys but they don’t last for more than 10 yrs. Why haven’t you tackled what’s keeping you from losing weight? it’s all an act for the cameras at this point.

  7. The fact she has no “real” job and refuses to get herself into a inpatient weight loss clinic annoys me.
    A whole year wasted…well a couple of years wasted!

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